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Woman Of The Month: Writer, Maheen Humayun

Our woman of the month is a true beauty with brains, writer and author, Maheen Humayun.

Inspired by the cobblestoned streets in Rome, Maheen started a page dedicated to poetry, art, and being REAL with the handle @girloncobblestones – poetic even its name!

A mixture of art and words, her thoughts and poetry drip on paper with the use of several mediums including pen and ink, pastels & paint.


Recently, Maheen has take to simple texts but those which soar to new heights and deeper meaning and resonate with many:

With the growing popularity of illustrators as artists, Maheen is no different – her illustrations give true meaning to and speak for feminism without being preachy, sometimes even poking fun at the unrealistic societal norms.

She recently published a book on Kindle, which is a big feat for any Pakistani writer!

Here’s a synopsis for it: After her best friend’s death, Sophia Ahmad finds life in Karachi too much to bear. Battling with mental illness, the slow digression of her relationship with her mother, and the uncertainty regarding her future leads Sophia to make a bold decision.

A story about facing the truth, facing reality and finding hope. Special is about the kind of friendship young girls dream about. Reading about Sophia’s turmoil, everyone will find the place in their heart that holds hope.

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