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“Zero” doesn’t matter, “Size” does!


In her latest fashion shoot, Sanam Chaudhri Shiekh casted 6 average Pakistani women, who might not be the “ideal” size, but these women are living the ideal lives!

We spoke to Sanam about what it takes to debunk the myth that only Size Zero is acceptable in the society.


What is the fashion fraternity’s take on plus size figures?

Unfortunately, the fashion fraternity wrinkles its nose at ‘plus size’ women. It refuses to acknowledge that it’s about the person, the attitude, not one’s “figure” alone.


They say, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels”, how do you feel about it?

I believe, “Nothing feels as sexy as confidence and curves.”


When designing your collections for the average Pakistani women, do you think that Size Zero is the way to go?

We don’t have a size zero pattern, so no; it’s not the way to go when designing for our women.


As the world moves from average sizes to zero and eventually double zero, what do you think we should remember in order to stay healthy and feel good about ourselves?

Being healthy and fit should be a priority. We need to remember that health exudes beauty and happiness. Unrealistic body image goals fester disorders such as bulimia, anorexia and depression. A healthy body and mind is the key to a happy existence.


Would you ever consider dropping to size zero yourself? Why so?

Never! I like my parathas too much for that to happen, ever! I personally feel that being fit and healthy is so much cooler than having a skinny body.



AfsheenJunejo – Fashion Designer, AnaamAyub – Executive at Engro, Sara Syed – GM at JWT, Basma Hussein – Ex Investment Banker, MieshaRizvi – Film Director, NageenRizvi – VP at NBP

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