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Chapped lips season is here!

I think we all let ourselves slide sometimes. When life is particularly busy, it is almost too easy to decrease the kind of priority that we award to taking care of our skin, hair and overall health as well. If you cannot stand having dry, cracked lips like myself then it is unlikely that you are skipping out on your lip care.

Just in case you have, however, had your life overrun with work or other commitments, it is possible that your lips have suffered from all that nervous biting. Not to worry though, take this as a reminder to pamper yourself with these 4 best lip care tips.


It is important to remove dry and dead skin by gently exfoliating or scrubbing your lips with a soft and wet toothbrush or cloth. You can always also invest in a lip scrub or make yours yourself with a simple brown sugar and honey combination.

Use this at least once a week to avoid tearing skin or right before a big night out.


Much like the rest of the sensitive skin on your body, tips tend to dry out and become chapped quite easily since they do not have any oil glands. You need to drink plenty of water to avoid your lips from drying out. You also need to avoid licking or nibbling on your lips as this tends to draw moisture away from the lips.

Protect and moisturize.

Due to their placement, lips tend to gain a lot of sun exposure. This means they are a hotspot for developing skin cancer, making it highly important to use a daytime lip product or balm that includes an SPF or 15 higher sunscreens. You must ensure you continue this on cloudy days as UV rays are still prevalent.

Reapply often.

Because you tend to eat and drink quite often, it is important to reapply your protective sunscreen. You should keep the product somewhere easy to use such as your hand bag, night stand and work desk so you can always spot the product somewhere and remember to reapply.

Some of our favorite lip care products are:

The Blossom Lip Oil by Le Organiques

We love how it plumps up our lips!

The Oat and Lavender 3-in-1 cleanser by The Speak Collective

It's meant to be a facial cleanser, scrub and mask. But we love the gentle exfoliation it provides for our lips.

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