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Pakistani actor and host, Umer Alam is at an all-time high after a successful run of his Ramadan game show, Khel Kay...

Pakistani actor and host, Umer Alam is at an all-time high after a successful run of his Ramadan game show, Khel Kay Jeet on Express Entertainment. He was the energetic referee and the co-host for the game show and is being showered with praise from the audiences for his engaging hosting abilities. Not only does he have a tremendous hold on his acting prowess but he is now a household name after winning the celebrity reality game show - Tamasha Ghar Season 1 and has now added another feather to his cap as a co-host to one of the most successful game shows during the holy month.

Khel Kay Jeet’s ‘Referee’ Wins Hearts!

Aalam managed to win hearts of the public through his charismatic nature and is now reaping the benefits, hit after hit, the actor has now successfully conquered the game show arena as a co-host on Express TV’s Ramazan game show, Khel Kay Jeet alongside actor, Shehryar Munawar.

This time around, the public saw Umer Aalam in a different light as the cheerful, energetic and charismatic Referee. With an unmatched energy that he brought to the show, his camaraderie with his fellow host, Sheheryar Munawar was highly enjoyed by the viewers. His performance was highly enjoyed and also saw him become the talk of the town where he was trending at the top spot on twitter with #UMER RULING KHEL KAY JEET with over 10.5k tweets.


Umer Aalam Brought his A-Game to Khel Kay Jeet!

The show was watched religiously by viewers for the entire month of Ramadan, with exciting games and brain teasers being played out, the element of the celebrity teams also gave the show quite the glitz and glam! It also didn’t hurt that the King of Tamasha, was always dressed to his nines every single day! With his charismatic self, Umer also set some style goals which we absolutely loved.

Emerging as the first Winner of Season 1 of Tamasha Ghar!

Umer Aalam was the fan favourite in Tamasha Ghar and audiences were overjoyed when he was announced as the winner for the first ever Pakistani Big Boss-like inspired show. On Tamasha Ghar, Aalam was tied with finalist Mareeha Safdar but he had the most points to his name after the finalists underwent a couple of challenges and games. While the show was full of chaos and a rollercoaster ride of emotions, arguments and a couple of personal attacks, Aalam was known to push the negativity aside and bring out the happy and positive side of every situation, it is this quality that was loved by the public. The host of Tamasha Ghar, Adnan Siddiqui also took to Twitter to appreciate Aalam and had mentioned him as “the dark horse, crowd puller, sharp and discerning. Winner in every sense of the word!”

Just as Siddiqui mentioned, these characteristics are what have made Umer a favourite host, his crowd pulling charismatic aura coupled with a can do attitude has received a thumbs up from the public! With a massive following such as Umer’s will we soon be seeing him flying solo as a host on another popular game show? We sure hope so!

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