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Tuesday, 27th June 2023, Karachi: Renowned director & producer Wajahat Rauf announced his highly anticipated...

Tuesday, 27th June 2023, Karachi: Renowned director & producer Wajahat Rauf announced his highly anticipated drama series “Daurr” featuring a stellar cast comprising of Ushna Shah, Amna Ilyas, and Zhalay Sarhadi alongside an ultra-talented supporting cast with a press conference at the District 19, Karachi on the evening of 27th June 2023.

The press conference for the drama series invited Karachi’s key news and media organizations to have a dialogue with the cast and crew regarding “Daurr” by Showcase, which is expected to be on-air from 12th July 2023 on Green Entertainment channel.

Since its announcement earlier this year Wajahat Rauf’s “Daurr” which is based on the novel “Eye On The Prize” by Safinah D. Elahi and adapted to TV screen by Mohsin Ali, the drama audiences are eagerly awaiting the upcoming drama series as it not only looks immensely promising but is expected to pull high ratings on its release.

Owing to its brilliantly insightful story and the leading ladies Ushna Shah, Amna Ilyas, and Zhalay Sarhadi alongside a strong supporting cast comprising of Omer Shahzad, Shahvaar Ali Khan, Ahmad Hassan, Noreen Gulwani and backed by a powerful soundtrack performed by Aashir Wajahat, “Daurr” is likely to go big and resonate with drama audiences nationwide.

The plot of “Daurr” revolves around three families whose children attend a private school in Karachi. Shezray, the CEO of a textile company, has two daughters and parade of maids and drivers. Minhail, a mother of two, is haunted by her past, and dreams of taking up her career again. Hina wants to climb the social ladder and there is nothing that matters to her more. The three women have different aspirations but one thing is common between them: they want their child to win the prestigious Asian games their school is competing in. The drama depicts the theme that all that glitters is not gold and children need love and affection rather than accolades and medals to be happy. Director Wajahat Rauf sheds light on the madness of the rat race that everyone is caught up in, in his unique way with this drama, using the perfect choice of actors who have brilliantly brought their characters to life.

Speaking to the press during drama series “Daurr” press conference, novel “Eye On The Prize” writer Safinah D. Elahi, commented, “I am happy that mainstream media is acquiring scripts based on novels. When I wrote the book, I wanted to reach a larger audience; this has been ethereal experience, and my first time working on a television series. Worked with the dream team to make this happen!”

The much-celebrated director & producer Wajahat Rauf quoted to press on the occasion, “It was a pleasure doing Daurr - Eye On The Prize mostly due to two reasons: the fact that I got to do show that was based on an extremely well written book by Safinah D. Elahi and second, I got to work with my friends who also happen to be great actors.”

“Daurr” drama is releasing under the banner of Showcase, a joint venture of the stellar husband wife duo Wajahat Rauf and Shazia Wajahat. Showcase has Karachi Se Lahore (2015) - the first Pakistani film that premiered in Hollywood, and its sequel Lahore Se Aagey (2016) - the highest grossing film of the year, along with Chhalawa (2019) to its name.

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