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11 Minutes with Syra Shehroz

If your life were a song, what would the title be?

Love it till it lasts.

If you had one super power what would it be?

I’d like to be able to control things with my mind, like Matilda. Or even apparate and disapparate, that would be cool.

What do you eat/drink to cope with stress?

I kind of lose my appetite when I’m under stress.

What’s your favourite word that starts with “S”?


What’s your favourite holiday spot / destination?

It depends on the mood I guess. I love Paris though.

Are you a dog person or a cat person?  What breed?

I would say a dog person, I like small toy dogs, a Schitzu, a Pomsky or a Pug.

What’s the most daring thing you’ve done in your life?

Stopped a car with a massive protocol of 6 Vigos and 3 police cars behind it, only to give it off to the owner for his guard hitting my car. Surprisingly the owner was decent about it.

Which international celebrity would you like to work with?

Michael Fassbender.

If you could rename yourself, which name will you go by?


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