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4 steps to look like you aren’t wearing make-up

If you began applying make up in the era of contouring and Kardashians then chances are your go-to make-up look takes up to 15 minutes and has at least 10 products. But beauty doesn’t have to be so complicated. We love the French ideals of beauty that focus on a clear complexion and flushed cheeks.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the discipline to take care of our skin all the time and go out completely bare faced so we headed to Make Up City to find out how to achieve that effortless je ne sais quois – with a little help from products.


 STEP 1: Color Correction with Kryolan 508


Kryolan’s 508 orange TV stick is the Holy Grail of color correctors. I’ve been around the block of high and low end color correctors but I always come back to this product for its ability to cancel out blueness and brown spots especially in the under eye area.


STEP 2: Cover up with a BB cream

A BB Cream is a brilliant product to keep on hand if you don’t want full face coverage. It works double time as an anti-aging treatment that also provides a flawless finish. I like Gosh BB creams silky weightless texture that is almost like a tinted moisturizer. This is the perfect product for women who prefer a healthy fresh glow rather than looking plastered with products. Think Mahira Khan, not Faryal Makhdoom.

STEP 3: Perfect with BB Corrector Kit

There are days when BB cream is just not enough to cover up those imperfections. This travel-friendly pot contains two creamy concealers and one glow highlighter perfect for busy schedules. The kit is available in light and medium and immediately reminded me of Nabila’s NO make-up launched last year. It is also an oil free formula that stays place all day long covering blemishes and imperfections but is half the price. Of course it doesn’t have a lip color or powder but those were just bonus features.

STEP 4: Pink cheeks with Giant Blush

There is something about a cream blush that powder blushes can never quite match.If you are a beginner then grab this easy (and fun!) to apply crayon style stick also by GOSH. I love the dark bubble gum pink shade which the shop assistant also told me was one of the best-sellers. The color pay-off was almost as good as my go to blush Bobbi Brown’s Pale Pink Pot Rouge. The product needs more blending than a typical cream blush but is well worth the effort.

*All products are available at Make Up City stores across the country and online.

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