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Everything you need to know about Mahira Khan’s Verna

Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan is set to star in her fourth Pakistani film Shoaib Mansoor’s Verna and if you are as excited about these two pairing up as we are here’s what you need to know.

This is the second time the two are pairing up since the critically acclaimed social-drama Bol which also featured mega-stars Atif Aslam and Humaima Malick. But this time round Mahira is no supporting character. The poster of the film shows her front and centre as woman who is bruised but not broken.

Mahira Khan's Verna Poster

Shooting for the film is underway and we can see the cast of the motion picture buckling down. Mahira Khan and the team look like they are having a complete ball.

Mahira Khan's Verna BTS

Mahira Khan's Verna BTS



The story has been kept under the wraps but we do know that Mahira Khan and Haroon Rashid play a married Pakhtun couple who struggle to make sense of life after her character is attacked by an entitled Zarrar Khan. The film follows the couples quest for justice.

Mansoor spoke about the importance of domestic abuse victims speaking out to The Express Tribune in an interview last year. He said “This film has been written and directed by a man of Pakistan for the men of the world to listen to women. The film is to encourage women to speak up. Khuda ke liye bol verna. (For God’s sake speak out or else.)

The phrase has become a rallying cry among fans with images of the film being shared with the hashtag #KhudaHayLiyeBolVerna.

The movie is being created under the banner of ShoMan Productions and will be distributed by Hum Films.

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Mahira Khan's Verna

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Girl-next-door Mahira Khan is the marketing friendly actress with a 100 watt grin that audiences can easily relate to – so casting her as a rape survivor is a statement in itself. It is an essential reminder that predators can target anyone, that even the most sweetest girls may be get be victims. The act of rape is not a repercussion for ones behavior but a crime of power.

Earlier this year Sajjal Aly recently played a rape survivor in Bollywood box-office hit Mother as well. Seeing actresses play roles that may have once been considered taboo is a step forward for cinema and hopefully society. Can we expect the quest of these determined on-screen characters for justice to inspire more of us to speak out as well?

Start the conversation: When a man texts you inappropriately – speak out. When a man brushes against you in the bus – speak out. When an uncle whispers something ugly in your ear – speak out. When a woman tells you someone was inappropriate – hear her out.



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