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Avengers endgame – Edition review


I have always been a fan of super hero flicks… right from the time i had a stash of comics i would go and exchange from this old comic shop in qurtuba market near my house, one could go there and change comics for other used comics and I used to read them all. So you can understand how charged up i was to go and see the End game by avengers…and no i didn’t need the hype happening online to see stars either. I was waiting for this moment for the last 20 or so avengers movies they made.

Speaking of which online hype is really not a barometer for how good or bad a movie like this is going to be…. its got to do with how familiar one is with the back and side stories how vested is one into the lore of the movie…which fan fic and so on and so forth… perhaps not for the average movie goer but for us geeks these kinda movies are watershed moments.

There is also the fact that the end game is supposed to be the ultimate wrapping party, specially after the tenterhooks ending of the last avengers infinity war which had everyone guessing for a year on what will be and how it will be.. That was the start of it all and made everyone wait for this movie to come our way and explain it all.

So what can i tell you about the end game.. well first the good things and the chief among them is the fact that this movie is a true visual treat. You know not like aqua man where there is so much CGI that the bloody movie ends up looking like a videogame? No this is just gorgeous details and cgi blending ever so perfectly into creating worlds which are both in your face and acceptable to your frontal lobe. Secondly the super hero’s even though faced with grim odds manage to deliver a performance which is both power packed and at times quite dark and brooding with thankfully less over the top comedy by iron man thrown in…as in the last movies it seemed like he was on some kind stand up comedy circuit. Also the flow of the whole movie is good, things sync in and make sense, loose ends are tied up and the viewer doesn’t feel like they are overwhelmed at any point even though there is such a huge cast involved.

The bad things however are perhaps the strongest points I took away from this movie. First the pace…. oh my god it was snail pace… no make it snail in zero gravity stuck onto a rock on the dark side of the moon pace….absolutely unreal that marvel would create an epic endgame movie and make it into something so long winded and slow with so much drama and inter character emoting and god knows why feelings of ishq e mamnoon type scenes thrown in. At many times i felt like getting up and screaming to the heavens in a hulk like roar of disgust as we took in picnics with families and long winded bromances between captain america and ironman and so on….I could have also jumped for joy when all of them appeared before thanos in the end fight scene which is basically the climax of the movie but 3 hours for that is just unacceptable. Then comes the way some of the major characters in the movie died.. SPOILER ALERT but I did not think that was any way to show a legend dying… if anything a true iron man fan would have wanted him to go out in some style rather then not being able to withstand the power of the guantlet and just going pfft like  damp squib. Then its the awful treatment given to Thor in this movie…. I get it they wanted the comedy angle from him but seriously showing the god of thunder as some pot bellied lout with bad beer breath wasn’t very becoming at all… I mean why the disrespect to him…. is this the only way they could have introduced humor into the plot? The little racoon dude wasnt over the top cheesy laugh lines enough for them?

So yeah I guess I am about to commit blasphemy now but if you are a marvel or avengers fan kindly spare yourself the three hours in the theater and go hunt in sunday bazaar for some old avenger series to read…on paper. Meanwhile I am trying to find out where the gauntlet is in this world to try the snap to make one and a half hours of this movie go away…

5/10 for me… epic disappointment.


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