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Judwaa 2: A remake or photocopy

David Dhawan is the king of brainless entertainers. He has made a fortune in Bollywood with comedy capers starring actors Govinda and Salman Khan that consistently hit box-office gold. Twenty years ago his Judwaa made comedy history and now the film returns.

For fans of the original Judwaa 2 will be familiar  The script is easily eighty percent the same with a few ‘updates’ to suit today’s audience. 


Judwaa 2 orbits around twin brothers who are separated at birth: Prem is shy, naïve and easily bullied who lives with his parents in London while Raja is a street smart, tough guy from Mumbai.

After critically wounding a don’s son, Raja and his sidekick Nandu (Rajpal Yadav) bid adieu to India and land in London. Once Raja arrives in London, things start to change in Prem’s life. How the brothers meet and takes their foes down is what Judwaa 2 is all about.


Varun Dhawan is undoubtedly the star of Judwaa 2. His portrayal of twins Raja and Prem is flawless. He rises to the challenge of playing vastly different characters and just like his predecessor Salman Khan makes us fall in love with both.

Jacqueline Fernandez looks vivacious and sensual. Taapsee Pannu looks a little confused, she is not at ease while playing the character. Rajpal Yadav does not impress a bit – he has weak dialogue and delivers it poorly. Johnny Lever is wasted in a cameo. On the other hand, Salman Khan’s cameo is one to watch for.


The music of Judwaa 2 is as familiar as the plot.  If you are a nineties kid you will remember hits  Oonchi Hai Building and Tann Tana Tann – the modern versions being more sleekly choreographed and less quirky. 


If you are imagining that Judwaa 2 will be dissimilar from the original in terms of storytelling, dialogue and script then you might not be satisfied with the film.  For me the climax of  the original Judwaa was much dramatic than the reboot but it is an entertaining film which promises a rollicking laugh.

Rating: 2.5 / 5 *

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