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Mahira Khan comes back strong with Verna teaser

It is a testament to Mahira Khan’s skills as an actor that the trailer of Verna is bone-chilling at a mere 30 seconds. The clip is a welcome and powerful visual for the many fans who have been anticipating the Shoaib Mansoor’s return to the big screen. The trailer also confirm the film will release as scheduled (contrary to rumors) on November 17, 2017.

In the preview ‘Power Di Game’ plays furious and forceful as we see Mahira Khan storm into a room towards a man in the bath. The film is about a survivor of violence who fights the system for justice.

The choice of a Punjabi rap-song by Islamabad based rapper Xploymer Dar, initially from Rap Engineers is an unconventional but perfect choice for a film that is all about regaining power and agency for in society which is rigged towards oppression.


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