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Rumor has it : Ali zafar and Meesha Shafi dropped from upcoming projects?

The recent weeks have seen blow upon blow of news come out regarding the sexual harassment allegations on Ali Zafar by Meesha Shafi. With Ali defending himself by taking the legal route and various snippets being released on social media by both camps defenders, it seems that this is going to be quite a long battle to bring the full story to light.

The grapevine however is buzzing with how Pepsi has distanced itself from both the stars. According to recent reports Pepsi, battle of the bands will not be seeing either of the musicians on its panel. It is also rumored that Lays has dropped Ali Zafar for an upcoming campaign.. It does merit a thought however to the fact that both alleger and alleged have been dealt with on the same yardstick here by the said corporate’s. Or is it that the giant brands in question just want to stay away from any controversy in the near future?

Only time will tell but it seems like the proverbial damage has already begun!

( Images courtesy Instagram/ Used by NDTV)

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