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The best and worst of Mahira Khan’s Cannes fashion

All eyes are on Mahira Khan as she makes her grand appearance at the Cannes Film Festival 2018!

Preceding her red carpet appearance, we saw the star in multiple looks over the weekend as she sat down for various interviews, photo-shoots and more. From a classic saari to a neon statement, here’s what we think worked and what didn’t; from worst to best.

Perhaps our least favourite look was her first one, in these floral matching separates. Sure it looks comfortable, but how boring is that print?

Her look for today features a similar floral print, and though she looks stunning, the dress itself is nothing special.

And again, this lounge wear/matching separates look is so yesterday…We’re liking the dewy makeup and simple hair though!

Well, there’s not much to hate or love here…so we’ll just pass.

This one is quite a perfect example of Mahira’s personal style. The blush pink colour suits her and though the hair and makeup is pretty casual, she looks pretty!

Mahira finally turns up the heat as she goes for an edgy, fusion look. It’s different from what the star usually wears, and we commend the experimentation!

You know things are sizzling whenever Mahira wears a saari! While we wish that the saari itself was more innovative, the embellished blouse, braided hair and signature minimal makeup is quite on point!

The actress will be making her red carpet debut tonight, so stay tuned for more!

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