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The biggest, most anticipated eat festival is all set to take place this weekend in Karachi, and as always, they’re offering loads of new dishes that we can’t wait to try!

We know from experience that the best way to go about Khi Eat is to have our list of must-haves ready beforehand, and here’s ours:

Biryani of the Seas

Always a hot seller, and given the chilly weather, some fresh and spicy seafood tops our list

Fam’s Galaxy Cone

Fam’s Patisserie will be whipping up some yummy galaxy cones and if they taste as good as they look, we’ll be happy campers!

Red Volks

Finding a good hotdog in Karachi is difficult, which is why this Flaming Dog and Hot Rod look especially appealing!

The Hobnob Bakery

Cronuts are coming to Pakistan! Need we say more about this heavenly croissant-doughnut hybrid?

 Café Praha

How perfect will this look on our Instagram feed?!

Asian Bowl

You can’t go wrong with chicken lollipops and look at the honey chilli sauce on these!

 Café Ujala

Our very special friends at Café Ujala are making some S’mores and we’re excited to add these to our cheat weekend!


This shawarma place is bringing Falafel wraps with fire sauce- yum!

 The Social Hub

Gol Gappay with a fun new twist!

Burger Bros

For our burger fix, we are looking to try out the scrumptious Flaming Chick Magnet Slider by Burger Bros


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