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A routine to help you recover from all things shaadi season and Decemberistan!

Staying in Pakistan during “Decemberistan” means you fall victim to the endless weddings, parties, brunches and dinners almost every day. What can start of as a fun action-packed month often leaves you drained, extremely sluggish and a little guilty as you realize the new year is approaching and you’ve gained a few extra pounds and you’re just drained.

Lately, the term means nothing because January and February are equally as busy, so it becomes incredibly difficult keeping up with all events especially as your energy levels are draining and going out seems like a chore. You spend the entire week dragging your feet across the office floor, counting the minutes to go home and then having that daunting realization as a calendar event pops up meaning you have another social obligation to fulfil.

It’s tough but we’re here to give a few tips to turn your Sundays into a Rejuvenation Self-care Sunday so that you begin your week feeling energized, relaxed and happy. Take that time out for yourself and enjoy it.

 Sleep Sleep and Repeat! Something that is much needed during December which lags into January, too! In fact, everywhere I go, I often hear people complaining about how little sleep they’ve been able to get. However, when the weekend comes, why is it that we rather drag our feet at every social obligation that feels taxing rather than allowing ourselves to rest at home and sleep? Take a break! Sunday should be your rejuvenation day! Sleep as this is when your body starts repairing itself.

 Wake up when your body is ready to wake up. Don’t worry that it's 10 AM and you are still in bed. There is a reason your body is exhausted and is begging for that extra few minutes of sleep. Sleep is a luxury in January so make the most of it when you can. As your mind wakes up, slowly get out of bed and allow yourself to do some body stretches that wakes up your body and muscles in a mindful way. This will help you feel relaxed. Pro tip: Try drinking a glass of water or hot water with a dash of fresh lemon juice straight away to get all those toxins flushed out!

 This may be hard with all the shaadi ka khaana around you but try to reduce the amount of sugar and processed foods in your diet. This not only adds to your lethargy, but it is like poison to your skin and may be the reason you’re having more breakouts and ‘tired’ skin.

 If you’re really committed to self-care Sunday, then cook your own meal and eat something delicious! The process of cooking your own meal will not only make you mindful of what ingredients your adding but will also help you truly enjoy your meal as you put in effort and love into it. Don’t put your digestive system into havoc as you’ve already spent the last couple of weeks eating heavy oily foods. Rather “enjoy” something that will make you feel good and not guilty afterwards. Here we stress on the fact that you must truly enjoy what you’re eating, and this could be anything ranging from a fresh smoothie bowl or even a recipe that you’ve been seeing for some time and you’ve finally managed to make it.

 This is personally my favorite! Every Sunday I look forward to turning my phone off and I feel so relaxed and rejuvenated when I get this done! Go to your favorite salon and get a full body massage to truly feel your muscles relax and feel the tension from the busy week release. Try to get your hair oiled as well as a head massage! Give your hair and skin the much-needed break of constant heat from blow dries and hair spray and the layers of makeup. I would also recommend putting on an organic face mask on- something that you can make at home with fresh ingredients as your skin absorbs everything and you need to treat your skin with love and care. If you are unable to make a face mask, you can always put on a sheet mask that is infused with hydrating serums.

This routine will help you feel relaxed and fresh and is a great way to end your week. Try to mentally unwind as well and enjoy that you are pampering your body.

Hair oil we recommend: Almond to nourish dry and dull hair

Oil for the body: Coconut oil especially in this weather as this is super hydrating.

Lastly, don’t forget to take it easy. We often get consumed by having to fulfil every social obligation by going into overdrive but if your body is telling you that you’re tired, listen. Stay at home, pamper yourself and give your body the much-needed luxury of relaxing at home and unwinding.

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