Asma Nabeel is a household name in the country - especially if you're familiar with Pakistani dramas like Khaani,...

Asma Nabeel is a household name in the country - especially if you're familiar with Pakistani dramas like Khaani, Khuda Mera Bhi Hai and movie Maan Jao Na - and an award winning screenwriter at one! She is also a kind, strong woman who has survived cancer and inspired many with her journey!

Most recently, Asma teamed up with Sadia Jabbar Productions for a new youtube series called, Beautiful Confessions With Asma Nabeel - a show which focuses on women empowerment & the roles that women play in our daily lives.

There's always a lot one wants to know about people like Asma - a writer, a thinker, a fighter, a visionary - and here's how our conversation went:

Do you usually have a message to put out when penning down a script?

Yes. I always keeps a message in mind. I always try to write stories with meaning and impact. I feel that stories are the best way to mould thinking and behaviours of people and society, so when I write, I aim to bring some change.

Which story has been the closest to your heart?

I think all. Can’t name one, as in all stories a different kind of emotion is attached so it’s difficult to name one.

Your battle with cancer has been a story of being brave. What words would you want to pass on to women and men in the same place?

Faith keeps you strong. In such times of trouble don’t question Allah why me? Every tough time is a test of your faith and you have to pass it. Whoever passes cones out strong. Tough times make you stronger so face them bravely.

How do you brainstorm and write?

It’s very spontaneous. I normally don’t plan when I write. It comes from somewhere. I honestly feel Allah has blessed me and blessed the fluency of my pen. When I start writing I don’t stop. Allah is the power of my pen.

Do you experience writers block? if so, how do you go over the bump and get back into it?

I have not faced writers block up till now. It’s just on my moods and some days are writing days and some are not.

Any words of wisdom for aspiring screenwriters?

Observe. Stories touch the hearts when they are real. And your observations make your stories believable.

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