4 gunmen attacked the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) building at 10 am today before being taken down by police and armed forces.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange was attacked earlier today by 4 armed assailants, deemed terrorist forces, resulting in the deaths of two security guards and a police officer.

The armed gunmen arrived to ambush the stock exchange at 10 am, with explosives, hand-grenades and assault rifles. They began shooting at the security guards outside the PSX building and launched explosives at the gate towards them, causing the death of 2 guards and the injury of 3 police officials who are currently being treated for their wounds.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange is stated to be in a high-security zone, and houses the Pakistan state bank as well the headquarters of both national and international significant financial institutions. Yet, despite high security measures, terrorists chose to commence an attack. Police officials also confirm that all 4 assailants were killed in the attack that they initiated.

“The gunfire began around 10:00 am and was non-stop for about 30 minutes,”

Fasial Edhi, head of Edhi operations recalled as he witnessed the attack firsthand, from his office, which is located right opposite the stock exchange. He tended to their aid as soon as he possibly could.

“When I arrived the firing was in its last stages and the dead bodies of two attackers were lying by the outside gate, close to the barrier.We found the other two attackers on the floor by the main entry to the stock exchange building; they were shot before they could enter. One was dead but the other was still breathing. We brought him to the emergency ward at Civil hospital but he died there.”

Within the stock exchange the number of employees were limited, as many were working from home, Yaqub Memon, a broker, stated that he and a few others were huddled inside their offices and could hear the firing. Its director, Abid Ali Habib, said the gunmen made their way from the car park and 'opened fire on everyone'. According to police officer Rizwan Ahmed, the assailants had food supplies with themselves indicating that they were prepared for a long siege.

The building was later swept for any bombs and explosives, luckily, none were found. The Governor of Sindh condemned the attack, stating that punishment will be given to the perpetrators accordingly. So far, the Baloch Liberation Army, considered by the Government of Pakistan to be a terrorist group, has claimed responsibility for the attack.

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