Trans Rights Activist, Julie Khan is in prison due to an alleged fabricated case as media fights for her freedom.

Julie Khan is a Trans-Activist, she is known for being honest and speaking up on social media for issues such as gang rape,abuse and violence. She became a social media sensation for being so open and honest about her opinions.

Julie Khan’s stands for the transgender community to be treated equally and be provided with every opportunity as another human being. The positive side to her hard work is keeping people from her community off the streets from begging which unfortunately caused disturbance within the community where many actually want to continue such activities.

Reports show that Julie was arrested and manhandled by the Islamabad police and sent to Adiala Jail. According to reports an FIR was registered by Guru Najma from Golra Sharif, Guru Najma was in police custody in an attempted murder case which was filed by a friend of Julie’s. Guru Najma was let go on bail and Julie according to reports was arrested for standing up for her friend. Julie’s lawyer, Hassan Niazi stated that,

“It is a life-threatening situation for her. She has no support. She is only alive right now because of her being famous on social media.”

Julie Khan has been heard speaking about problems and stressing upon the issues faced by the trans community. Heartbreaking accounts have been shared by Julie, where she expresses the kind of difficult lives and experiences trans people have to overcome; they are abandoned at a young age by their own parents and left on the streets as they are not 'accepted' by society nor supported by the government.

Social media users are enraged at Julie's arrest and have been campaigning to have her released as she is being wrongfully held under false pretenses, already being a target after The Naked Truth ft Julie Khan went viral

Being a transgender and living in Pakistan is an extremely tough ordeal, which is also not something that we may find it difficult to relate to so the best thing to do at this point as citizens is to be supportive and attempt exercising empathy. In such a situation, instead of bashing the trans community when a member has tried to stand up for themselves, we, as a nation, should support every citizen, promoting peace and equal rights for all members of society.

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