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News Updated 05 Oct, 2020

Five Reasons To Watch Kasoti Online

Kasoti Online is not only a fun watch but a great learning experience as well!

When was the last time you actually learned something from our local television? Something that you didn’t know or could only find out either from books or from a customized web search? Through Ahmad Ali Butt’s Kasoti Online, viewers in Pakistan will not only be transported back to the golden era of Pakistan’s Television but also get used to (if they haven’t) to one of the most irresistible game show formats in the world. Here are the five reasons to watch Kasoti Online and if you have seen the show, you will agree with them all.

The fabulous host Ahmad Ali Butt

We all know that Ahmed Ali Butt is one of the most versatile showbiz people we have in Pakistan; he can host Pepsi Battle of The Bands with ease, also play Mr. Shamim on TV, and Pipi in the Jawani Phir Nahi Aani franchise and be the lead singer of a musical band EP. With Kasoti Online, he manages to break free from his usual act, and do a casual show with his friends, without boring the audience. The way he responds to them is something only he could have done, because a) he is a comic genius and b) he has worked with most of the people who have or will appear in his show. The only thing he needs to do is follow the Quresh Pur model, which is that if one of the guests isn’t sure about an answer, jump in and steer him in the right direction. This is what made the PTV Kasauti one of the most liked show of its times and gave the person asking questions a command over the subject, through the host, without him knowing it.

Meeting the irresistible guests, informally!

When was the last time you saw Humayun Saeed and Fahad Mustafa together on your TV screen? Never. They did appear in films (Actor In Law and Jawani Phir Nahi Aani 2) but that was for cinema, even if they had a television premiere. In Kasoti Online, you get to watch them play the game with ‘Butt saab’ and try to outsmart the other person. The same goes for the first episode guests Gohar Rasheed and Hamza Ali Abbasi who interacted with each other in an easy-going manner. The way they all spoke, and in some cases mocked each other is what makes the show relatable with the audience. After all, none of them was in character, and they were playing ‘Guess The Personality in 23 Questions’ live from their living rooms!

It provides you a chance of actually learning something

The best thing about Kasoti Online is that unlike the Game Shows on our TV, it actually makes the audience learn something. From the first two episodes, many people got to know that Al Pacino is an American Italian actor, Meryl Streep has won multiple Academy Awards and that veteran actor Noman Ijaz has played Humayun Saeed’s father in one of the TV dramas they worked in together. All this and a lot more in less than half an hour, which is much better than wasting your time after a game show host turned politician who would do anything to get ratings, but nothing to educate the audience.

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Nothing beats the thrill of defeating the celebrities!

And that’s not all; the audience is not just the audience but competing with their favorite celebrities at the same time. Nothing can beat the thrill of defeating your favorite celebrities in any kind of a game, especially if it’s something worth learning. If you were able to guess the personality suggested by Humayun Saeed before Fahad Mustafa or reach the finish line before either Gohar Rasheed or Hamza Ali Abbasi, then you are also a celebrity in your own right. I am sure that with the passage of time, the Game Show will become more popular and even include a live audience (If Covid-19 permits) where guessing the personality in the presence of your favorite celebrity would be an all-time high!

And finally, the impressive credits

The credits of Kasoti Online prove that if you know what the audience wants, you can even be creative with the end credits. Ahmad Ali Butt does the same here as he mentions his name in the Host column as ‘Butt saab aur kon’, Written and Directed by section ‘Yup! Same guy’ and Music by section ‘Yes yes he did the music also’; not just that, he mentions himself creatively in the Produced by segment as ‘For those who might want to know, Yeh Butt saab did this also’. He doesn’t spare him production team, mentioned ‘A guy called Vicky’ in the Production department, ‘Ek lerka called Ali Raza’ as Editor and ‘Bohat he slow, Zia Bukhari’ as the guy behind the Graphics. From the first minute to the last, this show is a laugh riot, so the later you join, the bigger your loss. Watch it now!

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