How successful have Pakistani fashion labels been in the international market?

Pakistani designers are famous for their unique ability to fuse tradition with trend. Over the years the Pakistani fashion scene has seen a wave of internationalization, with many designers opening up stores abroad, making their designs available on online forums, and having fashion shows world over.

Maheen Khan is one of Pakistan’s most renowned designers who has made her mark internationally. This year Maheen Khan was the force behind Fashion Pakistan Week. Khan’s quintessential style combines modern, trendy cuts and silhouettes with very traditional detailing. On the royal tour to Pakistan, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton wore two of Maheen Khan's iconic shalwar kameez: our favorite was the blue shalwar kameez with delicate embroidery.

Maria B is another popular designer whose clothes are loved by Pakistani’s living abroad. She has been exporting semi-formal and casual women’s wear for the past fifteen years and even runs a very successful flagship store in London.

Amir Adnan is known for putting Pakistani menswear on the map. When he started designing in 1992 his collection of Jeans with ajrak detailing and collection of neckties were all the rage. Amir Adnan said “We are definitely moving in the right direction. People approach us online but mostly buy either themselves by visiting our stores and outlets or their friends and relatives visiting UAE and Pakistan buy it for them.”

Shamoon Sultan’s brand Khaadi is very popular all over the United States. Khaadi has launched a US website which increased their international reach exponentially. It's brilliant how Khaadi, over the years, has stayed true to their roots of using hand woven fabric while simultaneously continuing to diversify their product. Khaadi, first expanded internationally to the UAE in 2010, and now has successful Malyasia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

Deepak Perwani has showcased his designs at events all over the world: he currently has 2 MTV style guru awards, a standing ovation at Milan Fashion Week, and was named best international designer at Miami fashion week. Perwani was unquestionably right when he said that “The biggest problem in Pakistan is that nobody ever comes on a collective front to do anything together. We do not celebrate our heroes.”

This Pakistan Day let's pause for a second to support uniquely Pakistani fashion and the bold, creative, and proudly Pakistani designers who are trying to make their mark on the international stage.

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