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The act of raising a child requires a lot of effort, patience, and understanding.

. It's the only position that necessitates a parent's attention around the clock, every day of the week Given the work parents put into the relationship, you would assume kids would grow up in a loving, nourishing, and healthy environment, but sadly, there is no way to guarantee all favourable outcomes.

Effective parenting techniques are frequently disregarded, resulting in parents neglecting or even abusing their charge.

Aisha Mehnaz's research for the National Journal of Health Sciences states that "child neglect occurs when a child's basic requirements are not genuinely satisfied," and in over 80% of cases in Pakistan, this is the case.

Without a doubt, Pakistan needs a better legislative framework to safeguard children and grant them rights. Although some of these lessons can be learned on the go, parents must also learn the difference between bringing up kids in a healthy environment and a harmful one.

Thankfully, there are now drama serials that explore such delicate topics and provide sufficient amounts of catharsis, amusement, and helpful parenting advice.


Due to its accurate depiction of how kids endure in a cramped home with strict parents, Pinjra has recently gained popularity online. The drama series contrasts two distinct households, one where the kids are reared in a free, loving environment and can talk to their mom freely, and the other where the kids live in a "cage" since they have to only do what their parents say.

Omair Rana and Hadiqa Kiani's characters Javed and Khadija serve as a mirror for parents who stifle their children with rules that are ostensibly "protective" but actually suffocate them. However, the reality is that many kids don't have any freedom of choice from their parents, leaving them trapped like Abhaan in a Pinjra (cage). This drama teaches parents to treat their kids more like people and less like objects to be moulded into whatever they want. Parents must give their kids room to develop and live their own lives.

Pehli Si Mohabbat

Every child has the right to marry the person of their choosing, and Pehli Si Mohabbat shows parents how to be more accommodating when it comes to marriage proposals. A dispute between the family's elders drives Rakshi (Maya Ali) and Aslam (Sheheryar Munawar) apart, yet their love for one another endures. In the end, they continue to see each other because they still want to spend the rest of their lives together.

This passionate love story advises parents to respect their children's decisions and avoid interfering with their romantic relationships.

Meri Guriya

Another show that focuses on paedophiles and child abuse is Meri Guriya. It is a recreation of a real incident involving the murder and abuse of a kid, whose perpetrator was later identified as a local serial offender. Similar to Udaari, the plot instructs parents to be more aware of their surroundings and keep a close eye on where their children are.

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