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Whether you love them or hate them, crocs are back in style!

The mid-2000's was when we first saw a surge of the iconic shoe with far too many holes.

From celebrities to the average blue-collar workers, everyone owned a pair of their very own personalised Crocs. The addition of "Jibbitz", better known as the charms that could attach onto Crocs, made Crocs a fashion statement for all ages.

One might wonder what caused the initial appeal of these foam clogs. However, once assessed in detail, we realised just how practical they really are. Built with lightweight Croslite material and their iconic arch shape, Crocs proved to be highly suitable to wear on a daily basis. The easy to clean factor is hard to ignore when describing Crocs. With just a simple rinse, the shoes looked and felt brand new, and who wouldn't like that!

Despite the wide variety of benefits that Crocs provided, it ultimately came down to fashion. And as fast as they gained their popularity, they lost their appeal equally as fast. With rising scrutiny for its appearance, the comfort wasn't worth the stigma.

The Return of Crocs

However, Crocs have been slowly creeping back into the fashion game. With the help of brand and celebrity collaborations, Crocs has successfully made it down the runway yet again.

Christopher Kane ignited the reemergence of the classic foam clog during his Spring/Summer 2017 show, where the models wore Crocs decorated with mineral gemstones. Although this was a controversial fashion statement, the shoes sold out.

Crocs once again caused an uproar amongst the fashion industry when they joined forces with modern fashion legend, Balenciaga. Their creation of a platform version of the design retailed for $800 and flew off the shelves.

However, the redesigning of Crocs didn't stop there. Next came a kitten-heeled version by Balenciaga, as well as a stiletto version by Gab Bois.

While working with brands, Crocs also made sure to collaborate with celebrities to create special edition designs. Some notable ones include their partnership with Post Malone, in which the first design sold out in just a few minutes. Now they are found only on resale sites for more than $500 per pair. Their collaboration with Bad Bunny released a white Croc with glow in the dark charms, which once again completely sold out.

The next IT shoe?

With Gen-Z changing the everyday fashion style, people are being encouraged to embrace their authentic style. In line with this, the edgy collaborations by Crocs have transformed them into a unique footwear brand that breeds creativity and expression.

With its monthly release of new collaborations, Crocs may be the next go-to brand for anti-fashion. So, do yourself a favour and buy a pair because, at the very least, your feet will be comfortable.

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