Take the easy way out and pick one from this list!

With father’s day right around the corner, we know just how stressful it can be to find the perfect gift. We compiled a list of the best presents and deals, so you can get your fix easily!

For the tech buffs- Phone Cases and Air Pod cases by Paper Mache at Ensemble

These phone and airpod cases serve as a classy yet fun accessory. You can opt for more vibrant shades like orange, or stick to the darkier duskier tones. The one thing that’s certain is that this crossover between a phone case and a wallet is sure to please any father who’s technologically inclined.

There's also a bunch of fun father's day baskets you could look at at Ensemble.

And for the ones who aren’t exactly the best with technology- Pakistan Post Pillow at Ensemble

We’ve all heard the tales of 1947, whether it be from our fathers or grandparents. What better way to pay an ode to that than a pillow with the Pakistani post stamp! Both patriotic and comfortable, it also serves as the best addition to a movie night.

For the Chai addict- Apple of my chai set from Folia Creatives

This collection of Black tea, the legendary Papay and a Dad mug is sure to fulfil all chai cravings. An added bonus? You can add a personal handwritten card as well. A sentimental way to give your father the best chai.

For the foodie: Thatguyarif x Sugaries Basket

This combination of burger patties, buns, homemade mustard and pickles has everything you need for a Father’s Day Grill Night. If the dessert cravings hit after, then there’s also a customised print chocolate ganache cake as well as a cookie! An ideal combination for the fathers who take their food and grilling very seriously.

For the diabetics: Lals Sugarfree Basket

A healthy alternative to the regular gift baskets for those with diabetes! The perfect way to satisfy the dessert cravings without them taking a toll. This basket contains many sugar free goodies such as cookies and chocolates, while also containing a mug and a greeting card! What we like most about this basket is how they manage to make it sugar free without making it boring, something thats actually quite rare.

For the Beach Lover: French Beach Candle by Scents on Fire (at Ensemble)

This one’s especially for the Dad who likes to spend every weekend at the beach. It’s the perfect beach vibe without the terrible heat. Get one for your dad, and maybe yourself while you’re at it..

For the simple; Worlds best dad tile from tohfay.com

Sometimes simple really is best. This ceramic tile from Tohfay conveys the perfect sentiment (that's a greeting card in the picture but they have the same design as a tile too) and the best part is you can pair it with any other items on tohfay! A certificate is also a great way to appreciate your dad.

For the art lover: Car Paintings by S M Bawany available at Ensemble

For the artistically inclined (or car buffs), these paintings are a treat! Not only reserved to Father’s Day, but we loved them so much that we just had to include.

For the perfume lover- Keepsakes by Zantianas

Keepsakes by Zantiana is known for some of the most premium gifting items. This Father’s Day is no different, with a perfume box that contains both perfume oil and Eau De Parfum. Sure to be a hit for any cologne and perfume lover!

So what are you waiting for! Father’s day is June 20th, and it’s best to pre order these items, just in case.. And if not, it’s okay because Father’s Day is about more than just gifts.

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