Our picks for where to shop for Eid ul Azha

While we should still be practising social distancing and keep our gatherings small this Eid ul Azha, it does not mean that our fashion should be dim. I say we get the shiny and shimmery! And honestly, consider it an investment to use later when the festive/wedding season returns this winter. Here’s a few collections that have caught our eye

Maria B

The MBroidered Collections by Maria B are our favorite offering from the prolific design house. This year they seem to have an added flair to them with Ayeza Khan as the face of the Heritage Edition. These are heavy duty formal outfits with class and continuity - totally worth the investment. There’s a RTW Evening Collection out as well with lots of solids, but we are still leaning towards the MBroidered range.

Ansab Jahangir

We cannot help but be charmed by the Family Festive collection by Ansab Jahangir. Cool, creamy pastels with understated elegance of embroidery and lace make them the perfect summer ensembles. It also takes ‘twinning’ to the next level and makes for really family photos. The idea of colour coordinated outfits for Eid has been a popular one in Malaysia for many decades and we are happy to see it done here too!

Shiza Hassan

Shiza Hassan’s ‘Bari Eid 21’ raises the Eid fashion game by adding sarees to the mix and kaftaans to the mix. Definitely a purchase that will go beyond just Eid. We love the shimmer and shine. While we love the cool minty green and lustrous pinks, we would love to see some shimmery black in the same mood.


Image is always the right choice for a sweltering summer occasion - be it Eid, a casual dinner or an official lunch. Their cool cottons with delicate embroidery are a must for any wardrobe. Over the past few years, they have introduced more unstitched options. And we are delighted to see lots of colour as well in their ‘Summer Monsoon’ 2021 collection. Unlike the other collections listed above, this one won’t take you into the wedding season though.

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