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Nothing like some old school pizzas, burgers and ice-cream

These days there is a new restaurant concept opening up every so often that introduces a new whacky kind of food that the city of Karachi always takes well too! Think doughnut burgers or twister potatoes served on sticks. You also always have access to huge international chains such as McDonalds and Dominos, which are family favourites for when everyone is gathered together and worked up the appetite for something indulgent and filling.

Before any of these, Karachi has had its own mega hits which are still popular today but often get overshadowed by the new and happening! Revisit some of your childhood favourites and get ready to receive all that satisfaction with an air of familiarity!

Mr Burger

Mr Burger is a family owned business, currently run by 9 brothers. The concept was influenced by the western burger market that the brothers were exposed to during their travels -- making it the first fast food chain of the country with the first branch opening in 1980. Today you can find outlets all over the city which sell the signature menu item, the ‘Mr. Burger.’

Old Kings & Queens Pizza Parlour

Placed in the heart of Muhammad Ali society, this restraunt has been serving delicious food for a very long time! It was one of the first establishments in the city to cater pizza to a market of meat lovers with hit items such as the ‘King of Diamonds’ or the ‘King of Hearts.’ Even if it’s a little out of your way, you can always make use of their delivery service.

Karachi Broast

The pioneers of the ever so famous broasted chicken, this establishment has been filling Karachite bellies since 1982. The crisp, hot and tender flavours have never changed till this day and that makes this a spot that people at Boat Basin find themselves at often. You can’t miss it with it’s signature orange exterior!


This restaurant prides itself on their famous soft serve ice cream and affordable range of classic burgers which they have been selling since 1979. With outlets spread across the city, Kaybees has managed to maintain a place in the city’s ever changing and evolving dining landscape.


Another long standing fast food joint of the city is another beloved pizza place, which situated in the busy street corner of Khadda Market is home to a classic taste and experience. A recent revision of their dishes by contemporary restaurant EASY by Fatsos has brought us back to the melty goodness.

Did we miss out on any of your old school favorites? Let us know in the comments below!

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