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Photo Credits: Tangled Tourista
Photo Credits: Tangled Tourista
The Premier has recommended Turkish author Elif Shafak's 'Forty Rules of Love' for a good read.

First it was Dirilis: Ertugrul which won the hearts of Pakistanis with a powerful storyline and Chronical of Islamic History. What sparked a greater public interest in the television program was the Prime Minister's endorsement of it, resulting in its PTV airing.

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Just yesterday, the Premier posted about Elif Shafak's Forty Rules of Love, a well-known book which discusses the historical aspects of Sufism, the Shams Tabriz and Rumi, also divulging significant life lessons regarding faith and the past. The book alludes to the tale of Rumi turning from scholarly arts to Sufism, with the help of his companion, Murshid Shams Tabriz, a transformation of sorts which will keep the reader glued to read how history has been told.

On his social media platform, Prime Minister Imran Khan commended the book, stating how it was a lovely initiative to bring the youth of Pakistan closer to religion. On his Instagram, the PM wrote,

"An inspirational book about divine love, Sufism, Rumi and his Murshid Shams Tabriz. I read it a few years back and was deeply inspired,"

The book has been acknowledged worldwide for its riveting storyline and conceptual accuracy, which dates back to the ideal time to deliver the powerful story. Elif Shafak is known for her books, The Bastard of Istanbul and The Architect's Apprentice, but her 2008 Forty Rules of Love iis still mentioned by avid readers in contemporary conversations to date.

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