Time to make the most of the Ideas Ramadan Sale

While we tend to focus on our fashion and looks during most festive seasons, this particular festive season requires another kind of dressing up. Iftars and Eid soirees require that our homes be both comfortable and cute. And staying true to our ‘sale strategy’ here at Edition, we headed to www.gulahmedshop.com to find out how we could make the most of Ideas Blessed Ramadan Sale. The sale is ongoing and offering discounts of up to 50%!

Comfort First!

With the summer and Ramzan coming at us with full force at the same time, staying cool and comfortable is absolutely imperative. If the long pandemic has taught us anything is that our homes are sanctuaries where we actually spend a lot more time than we think!

First, get your hands on the summer duvet filling. The 180 gsm fill- for summers will ensure a comfortable night’s sleep for you all summer long. The fillings help to maintain body temperature and give you a comfortable night's sleep.

A good memory foam pillow will change the way you sleep! It offers good support and pain relief and can be contoured to closely match your head and neck. In fact, it is a temperature smart contour pillow that instantly responds to your body heat and movement and reshapes to evenly distribute body weight and soothes the pressure points.

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And why not indulge in these soft, combed towels? We are leaning towards the ice green ones!

Taking your at-home comfort level to the next level with these gorgeous combed and velour bathrobes! We can already imagine stepping out of the shower and into these comfy robes and slippers – add snacks and Netflix for extra feels. The only trouble we foresee is choosing which color(s) to get after we get the purple one.

Creative Choices

Now moving on to making your home not just feel comfortable but also look cute.

This floral, mint hued quilt cover set is so soothing to the eyes. Colors affect our mood and this one will surely provide relief from the sweltering summer. And you know what’s better? This piece from the Rest Easy Care Collection which is wrinkle resistant and requires no ironing. What a relief!

And another one from the collection, this classic print is a keeper. We love the black and white tribal design with a pop of yellow for that bright, summer feel.

Cushions are a great of adding personality to a room. Or changing the mood of a room for that matter. These hand painted floral cushions are just so charming. The white base and gentle flowers add a touch of cool class to the room. And if you like your designs just a little bit funkier, then check out these super cool digital printed cushions in a whole range of colors and themes.

We hope we have given you enough inspiration (and tips) on how to make your home ready for summer with these amazing choices for your home from Ideas Blessed Ramadan Sale. Happy Shopping!

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