Some last minute Eid fashion for the kiddos

Done shopping for yourself for Eid? And the kids? It is likely that the answer to at least one of those questions is  a no.  So, we are making things just a little easier for you with our guide to Eid for the little ones. 

Eid Kurtas/Shalwar Kameez

Warsi Kurta Point 

If you are buying for the boys (of all ages, actually), then head over to Warsi Kurta on Tariq Road. These are good old, fashioned Eid outfits that our Dads swore by. They never go out of style and are well priced enough to be great value for money. An average child size outfit will cost you Rs 1600. 

Sapphire Kids

Sapphire is carrying separates, shalwar suits and even waistcoats for the boys! Needless to say, we are obsessed with the truck waistcoat!

For the little girls they have a range of options to choose from. They even have ghararas!

Western Wear

If your child tends to get a little bit antsy after a few hours in their bedazzled Eastern, Eid finery, then having some comfy, airy Western wear is a good choice as a change of outfit or perhaps one for day two of Eid. 

Minnie Minors

Always a popular stop for Moms looking for a quick fashion statement for the kids, Minnie Minor has a decent range of Western wear. The more festive ones actually make for great Eid outfits!


The cool, comfy vibes of  the Outfitters Eid collection is most important. Remember, a child who is calm and collected during a warm, summer Eid is everyone's favorite. 



A family favorite for decades, Bata offers contemporary designs at good value for money.  It seems there is a 20% sale on the Eid Collection. Do consider buying a size up, because kids have a way of growing over night (just ask my Mum).


ECS has such a vibrant range of traditional flats and sandals for young girls! We are tempted to try and fit into some of those ourselves. 

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