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How to prepare for the rain apocalypse

Given that we have all been sufficiently traumatized by the monsoon, it would do us good to be better prepared. But to be honest, given the staggering scale of the problem, it often seems like there's nothing we can do to prepare. Failures of governance and civil engineering aside, here's what you do to make things a little bit easier.

Stock up on supplies.

If you have young children or the elderly at home, make sure you have their medication, specific food supplies and any other necessities at hand. For the rest of the household, dry food items such as energy bars, dried fruits and nuts and even canned food will do. No one's going to be in the mood to make pakoray once the light goes out and the the flooding begins. Also, bottled water is a must!

Unplug your appliances

It's true that the power outages this time round haven't been half as bad as last time. But electrical fluctuations are bound to happen in a thunderstorm. Try to keep the usage of electronic items to a minimum. Turn them off and unplug then too if they are not in use. A sudden power surge can blow up your expensive appliances even if they are not in use but still plugged in. However, keep the freezers going because there's all that qurbani ka gosht in there. In fact, add some ice to the freezer too so it can keep the box cool for longer when the power goes out.

Dress appropriately

While we are all for remaining fashion forward at all times, the Pakistani monsoon requires some good sense too. If you are going to be heading out, wear darker colours and a sturdy fabric like khaddar or even linen. Lawn is a big no no. Cover up as best as you can to protect your skin. Footwear is just as important. Make sure it has a firm grip on your foot and the ground.

Power Up

Charge everything! This means any possible electrical appliance and gadget in your house that can be charged. This includes rechargeable lights, fans and torches. Keep extra batteries at hand too. While you probably won't be using your laptop in the rain apocalypse, it will serve has a handy source of power when everything else gives out. Power banks should be fully charged and your phone too of course. And when thunder/K-Electric strikes, keep your phone on ultra power saving mode and pick up a book instead of mindless scrolling.

We hope you don't have to use these tips but hey, they might be helpful.

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