As temperatures begin to cool down, we are all tempted to spend more time in our beds. Whether we indulge ourselves in an afternoon nap, have breakfast in bed on a chilly Saturday morning or simply plan on reading a book under a few extra warm bedding layers, our beds are the perfect spot to get cozy this winter.

To be in sync with the weather outside, your bedroom also deserves a seasonal makeover. The goal is to make it comfortable and inviting by switching up your airy summer sheets for warm bedding. So, the next time you crawl into bed, your reward will be a blissful night’s sleep in the softest and cosiest winter bedding.

Add a heavier-weight duvet!

The one piece that will transition your bed for winter this season is a warm, puffy 100% polyester fill, 300GSM duvet filling. Switch out your all-season duvet for a heavier-weight one from Ideas Home. Use the insert with duvet covers from Ideas and revive your bedroom space. The winter-friendly filling helps to maintain body temperature and gives you a comfortable night's sleep.

This season is about rich velvety colours, which start to play a role in your bedroom decor. Think deep charcoal, rich velvety browns and ochres with hints of blues and burgundy. It's all about tone on tone, and the darker the better

Add an Extra Layer of Comfort!

Bring warmth and comfort to your bedroom with these exclusive Fleece Comforters from Ideas. Made from ultra-soft fleece plush that also reverses as a cosy Sherpa, these comforters provide an exceptionally soft and cosy feel instantly. Available in a range of rich hues, these comforters are a must-have for the winter weather.

When the chilly wind blows across the country, it's not only clothing that needs layering. Just like adding an extra scarf or sweater to your outfit, we recommend adding a double-ply fleece throw to your bed. This extra layer encourages warmth and is the perfect way to add style and texture. To your delight, Ideas home has an amazing range of colours that will complement any and every bedding aesthetic.

Throws are a fun and simple way to spice up your bedroom décor while also keeping you toasty. Place a throw on your bed to play with colours or on a reading chair to make it more inviting for you along with your favourite book. Explore the variety of popcorn fleece this winter from Ideas Home for a warmer essence that complements your bedroom sets.

What can be more perfect than this pretty all-season blanket on your bed? This bedding accessory is perfect for the cooler months of the year. The range being offered at Ideas Home varies from solid colour tones of muted darker shades to light pastels. In addition to that, it is perfect for adults, teens, kids, and toddlers.

It won’t be long before the cold winter breeze comes knocking at your door so best be prepared beforehand. We have our carts full of these yummy winter bedding essentials from Ideas. With discounts of up to 50% OFF in-stores and online, you are in for a treat!

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