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Self Care: How To Be Kinder To Yourself

In an era of increasing use of social media, being aware of almost everything with technology leads to news and communication being at the tip of our fingers!

What does this do? Tire us.

We live in a very different world than our parents and parents before them did, which means we need to take care of ourselves a lot more than what our ancestors passed down in wisdom.

Here are a few things we recommend for you:

Get enough sleep: that episode of your favorite Netflix show? It can wait. Let’s stop making excuses for skimping on sleep, since this is your body’s time to heal and repair itself. Lack of sleep can increase inflammation and enhance cravings for junk food – those midnight cravings are manifested because you’re keeping yourself up! Seriously, get that beauty sleep – it makes your mind beautiful too! A healthy mind leads to a happy life.


Hit mute: Research shows that social media can trigger envy, which can lead to anxiety and depression. Apps such as Offtime allow you to manage your social-media use by restricting access to apps at certain times and blocking notifications. Remember, you are your own content curator.


Read or listen to a podcast: Sometimes we need to shut off from our surroundings and enter another. You’ll find that ease and relaxation in a book, or even a podcast so you can have someone else distract you. From various topics ranging from comedy to romance to crime to thrillers, sometimes our mind finds calm in imaginative chaos!


Learn to say ‘No’ when you don’t want to say ‘Yes’: A lot of us feel an obligation to agree to everything – be it hanging out with friends when we’re super exhausted or entertaining family or co workers or even getting involved in another persons drama. Just say no. Your rest fares higher on any list you make – and a well rested person is a happy and healthy one. There’s always tomorrow to entertain or go see that movie. Be there for others, yes – but be there as much as you can give. Don’t sacrifice yourself to give your all to others’ needs.


Happy Weekend! Rest up!



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