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While designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha has been in the fashion business for a while now, his recent shoot with Ranveer Singh has taken his brand to a whole new level of fame! The unmatchable star was featured on the cover of Filmfare magazine, dressed in an elaborate Mohsin Naveed Ranjha outfit, and of course the pictures have gone viral since.

“It went well…it was an amazing experience working with Ranveer. He was extremely professional, fun, loving, no airs about him”, Mohsin told Edition. “When he went to pose he was a thorough star but off the screen we hung out like regular guys, chatting and joking.”

Given the popularity of the Bollywood star and the constant hype around his dressing, the process of selection was a long one. “Ranveer is not one of those actors that if you have a certain amount of money you can request him to wear your clothes in exchange for that…when my portfolio went to him, he and his team checked out my Instagram and website and did their complete homework regarding my work. Once they approved, then we exchanged a lot of ideas before coming up with the final looks.

Till the day of the shoot I was apprehensive and nervous because this was a very big project for me. I went to London especially for this shoot and thankfully he loved each and every piece. He loved our embellishments, our footwear, and he was very happy with everything so InshAllah we hope he will be wearing something by MNR again very soon.”

While Mohsin is overwhelmed and ecstatic by the amazing response the shoot and the wardrobe have received, he also feels that this has increased expectations of him and his brand and what they do next. “We will need to work extra hard on our work and creations because now people have higher expectations from us, including our clients. We need to be more conscious about our work, who we are dressing, where we are showcasing. We will have to keep all these things in mind,” Mohsin opined.

Of course all this is fantastic for their brand image, but does he see an impact on his business? “We are already receiving a lot of orders on the black jacket worn by Ranveer. We’re getting orders from all over the world… for the sherwanis, for the footwear… orders which we probably would never have gotten otherwise. Not only for the pieces worn by Ranveer, but other things as well. So it’s been great for our business so far!”


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