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Asad Kamran is a modern day surrealist with a penchant for cinema, and works with mediums that are fast paced, impactful & emotive, namely charcoal, acrylics and projections. We spent an evening at his studio taking in the emotions we felt looking at his work while we he spoke to us candidly.
Edition: What does art mean to you?

Art is my currency. It’s what I can and am able to offer to the world.


 Who/what is your work inspired/influenced by?
I’m inspired by many individuals, time periods & events. What stimulates my mind the most is current-culture, the fast-paced aspect of today and how I find myself coping through it. This is usually presented in my work through various media. Hence, my work, inspiration and influences are fluid and ever-evolving. As I speak I am looking at the works of Hito Steyerl.



What was the very first piece you created?
The memory of the first piece that I created, which was most definitely not my first artwork, but I cherish that memory deeply. Was me sitting next to my mom colouring in, a drawing of toucans we both had co-created, but I got to sign it off solely with my name!
 What kind of art do you most identify with, and why?
I am getting more and more inspired by moving imagery and Art that is ephemeral. As modern day consumers of imagery and information, we are victims of instant gratification and short attention spans. Anything that moves or is loud/subtle enough to move me, is what i most identify with.
How would you describe your pieces?
My pieces are usually screaming for attention, but most work usually pleads for real connectivity. I drop text, puns, symbols and letters through most work to translate what i was really attempting to say.



 Are there any memorable responses you have received for your work?
There have been a few instances, where a conversation with a viewer has led to the exact point/emotion that i made the piece of art from. Those have been very special, because those moments have made me believe in the truth that a piece of art may possess
 What is your ultimate goal/dream as an artist?
Connect with as many people/spaces I can. I hope my work is able to become a meaning-ful element in any viewers journey. The beauty and power of the ‘image’ is that it can reach the illiterate, where as text only reaches the literate. So i hope my art can become a medium of democratic connectivity.
 Is there anyone in particular you would like to create a piece for? Who would it be, and why?
For my mother, for the pain of her loss that i keep with me as inspiration. A gift to her for what she gave me.
Name a few artists who inspire you?
God is the real artist, isn’t He? All others come and go. I’m also inspired by musicians, friends, painters, poets & family members. I wouldn’t be able to select just one individual.


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