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Enter a realm where dread resides in the shadows, where dark magic dances with the unaware, and where the lines...

Enter a realm where dread resides in the shadows, where dark magic dances with the unaware, and where the lines between truth and illusion are blurred. The much awaited drama series Bandish 2 revives Pakistani television by daringly embracing the horror and thriller genres. Bandish 2 stands out as a breath of fresh air in an industry primarily known for romance, humour, and social themes, enthralling audiences with its terrifying story and skillful execution. This thriller is guaranteed to give you the chills and leave you wanting more owing to its superb cast and compelling plot.

With its gripping plot focusing on the unsettling repercussions of black magic, the engrossing drama series Bandish 2, which is produced by Fahad Mustafa's Big Bang Production and directed by Aabis Raza, has been successful in creating out an audience for itself.

Here are 5 reasons why Bandish 2 is a must-see and stands apart from typical dramas that you may have grown bored of watching because of their predictable plots.


The events of Bandish 2 shed light on a tale of evil and paranormal powers that interfere with Humaira, Sameer, and their family's existence. The amazing Sania Saeed plays Humaira, a widowed mother who values her family above everything else. The character of Sameer, played by Affan Waheed, is Humaira's only son. At first, he doesn't think that his family, especially his daughter, is being affected by evil.

However, their lives are completely flipped upside down when things in their home get terribly devastating due to demonic powers and dark magic.

Amna Ilyas portrays Wania, Sameer's wife, whose daughter Hoorain has the unfortunate circumstance of being possessed by a demonic being. The family is forced to fight the doings of black magic as the evil forces tighten their grip on them.

Areej Mohiyuddin plays Manahil, one of Sameer's sisters, who has also fallen victim to black magic practised by her own aunt, Farhana, who is played by Zainab Qayyum. Farhana, driven by evil intentions, carries out Alim's, whom she refers to as Baba Saein's, instructions to ruin the family of her sister-in-law Humaira.

1. Scary But Real:

Bandish expertly melds the elements of horror and authenticity, creating a realistic and engrossing depiction of the lives of the characters. The play does a great job in evoking genuine emotions from its audience by portraying the repercussions of black magic in a relatable and authentic manner. This distinct combination keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as they feel the thrill of fear while simultaneously feeling sympathy for the characters' misfortunes.

2. Life Breathed Into Every Character:

Each performer in the play has delivered exceptional performances that elevate the play to new heights. Sania Saeed does a fantastic job of portraying Humairah, a widow who epitomizes grit and endurance. The gripping portrayal of Sameer by Affan Waheed, a family-oriented man against evil forces, captivates viewers to a great extent. Amna Ilyas is giving a mesmerizing performance as Wania, and Areej Mohiyuddin's Manahil gives the narrative complexity and intensity. The ensemble cast's skill and talents enable characters to come to life and leave a lasting impression.

3. OST adding to the eerie experience:

Bandish 2's captivating Original Soundtrack (OST) and chilling background score are essential in boosting the overall watching experience. The OST, which was composed and sung by the gifted Abbas Ali Khan, brilliantly encapsulates the drama's tone and its eerie themes. The creepy ambiance and ominous melodies were purposefully chosen to go with the developing mysterious context. The background music gets more intense as the tension rises, connecting with the characters' and the audience's feelings. This focus on the background score gives important scenes depth and emotional relevance, resulting in an immersive experience that audiences remember long after the drama has ended. Abbas Ali Khan's vocals in the drama's OST add a depth of wistful beauty that heightens the drama's visceral impact and creates an unforgettable viewing experience.

4. Spectacular Cinematography:

The cinematography of Bandish 2 is one of its most notable aspects since it infuses every horror scene with a dark feeling. Aabis Raza, the director, exhibits painstaking attention to detail, imbuing every horror scene with dark imagery and bone-chilling vibe. The family's house, which in one scene shown as a haven of warmth and love, turns into a terrifying place where evil forces lurk around every corner. Dark corners, ominous dolls, and devilish objects used in witchcraft add complexity to the narrative and immerse viewers into a setting where the supernatural coexists with the everyday. The dramatic effect of this dark backdrop enhances the tension and keeps viewers engrossed through every scene.

5. Revival Of the Horror Genre:

Bandish has opened up another avenue for Pakistani drama producers to demonstrate their talent by delving into the horror genre. In an industry where stories about romance and social issues are the norm, Bandish deviates from the typical and draws viewers in with its gripping storyline. The play defies expectations and grips viewers with its spine-tingling story by foraying boldly into the world of terror and suspense. By offering a unique and fascinating storyline that appeals to individuals who prefer suspense and thriller plots but rarely have access to excellent shows to watch, it fills a hole in the Pakistani television landscape.

Watch the compelling story of Bandish 2 every Friday at 8:00 p.m. on ARY Digital. This drama stands out in the horror and thriller genres for its eerie setting, hauntingly beautiful background music, excellent acting, and compelling plot. Bandish 2 will transport you to a realm where evil and magical forces coexist, leaving you enthralled and looking forward to the next episode.

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