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Do you appreciate beautiful living spaces, but feel completely baffled when it comes to your own? Worry no more, we’ve got your back. We’re listing a few brilliant ideas that can be achieved easily, efficiently and can help you make your own living space awe-inspiring.



Minimalism is a lifestyle that is all about living with less. It takes a bit of getting used to. For starters, we are required to de-clutter the accumulation and stick with the essentials (take some time to think this one through). Clear floors, clear surfaces, having an allocated space for everything and storing things out of sight would be a great start to this process. Be mindful of what surrounds you in the most important place in your life – your home. Practicing minimalism is known to bring you peace, calm, happiness and a space that is easy to clean.



Lighting can make a world of difference! The right kind of lights around the house can change the look of our space. It can transform our mood and productivity, and be enriching for the soul. Our homes should be balanced with mainly 3 types of lights working harmoniously together. General, task and accent lights for when we have conversations, to read and to illuminate any of our collectible objects.



Is there an empty space and you don’t know what to fill it with? We suggest, go to the nearest garden center and grab yourselves some pet plants from a bunch of variety most suitable for indoor spaces that you can love and care for, and in return they will make your space look most beautiful and inviting! And if you’re worried about not being able to care for plants, then there are plenty that don’t require much care, light and water or a variety of life like plants available in the market that will make your space look equally beautiful!



It’s completely normal to get bored of walls around you that are painted in a single tone. In that case, an accent wall can help you break that dull pattern. Accent walls are generally the first thing that people notice when they walk into a room. It can be a reflection of your taste and likes in general. You can add a splash of color, texture or both, have it wallpapered and decorate it as per your preference.



Mirrors don’t have to be limited to your bathrooms and bedrooms. Having mirrors around the house will not just add a decorative touch to the room but it will also make your space appear large. A poorly lit room can also benefit from having mirrors hung on the walls across, which will increase the brightness of a room! Mirrors are great for concealing any imperfections in a room.


Do tell us which of these did you try and if you have any tricks of your own????

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