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For a while now, we’ve been forced to take interest in a rather nonsensical social media war between Team Sham and Froggy aka Seher VS Team Ducky aka Saad that’s created quite a stir and we don’t mean that in a good way. Mostly based on false accusations. From Sham recording phone conversations with Ducky without consent and also prank calling his Father, to Froggy getting punched in public, they’ve been at it with the blame game for quite some time now.

Zaid Ali T, Shaveer Jafery, Rahim Pardesi and Mooroo along with a few other youtubers spoke in Ducky’s favor and took the opportunity to share their opinions on Sham. Zaid Ali accused Sham of allegedly using Zaid’s channel as a platform to gain subscribers and then later using Zaid’s name on his video titles to attract more audience. Mooroo accused Sham of allegedly copying video content and using Mooroo’s name in one of his videos to justify his actions. Shaveer as well discredited his old friend. Sham Idrees had to respond, so he posted a video on his channel where the blame game continued.

In all honesty, in this time and age social media can be just as scripted as our television dramas and nobody can tell who’s telling the truth or then, who’s selling it. If you know what we mean. That was all last week and we’ve just about had enough.

Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo’s latest video on youtube caught our attention, where he spoke on plagiarism and it entailed a lot of naming and shaming. He featured a collection of original and plagiarized content. Now you’d think that the original videos on youtube would’ve had more views than the copied ones, but it was actually the other way around. In this video he asked a few of his friends to help decide if the content appears to be copied and the verdict was positive.

It was great that Mooroo brought this to our attention and gave credit to the original content creators, but at the same time it was also rather disappointing to see the lack of creativity and ownership coming from our internet celebrities. Sad to see that instead of accepting their faults and apologizing for wrong, they tend to shift blame away from themselves and on to someone else.

Creativity and originality does exist, but unfortunately it is not fully valued. It takes a second for anyone to overlook the amount of effort it takes to come up with an original idea or a concept, that is as easily stolen as a mobile phone is in this country and nothing can be done about it effectively. In order to protect what’s yours, the basic understanding of copyrights is highly imperative and knowing the power of it which grants the creator of an original creative work with an exclusive legal right to claim their work. You should also know, when something like copyright violation occurs, there are now procedures in place to send a legal notice to the offending party. There is also a consumer rights association, a producers body called UPA and even an FIA cyber crimes division, should the damages be monetary. Rather than getting involved in public mudslinging, people should go to court.

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