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Getting dressed up in this maddening heat becomes a real task and quite troublesome. For those who just can’t stand to be in jeans, jumpsuits are the most ideal option. They’re airy, easy to wear, and make you look well put together – whether you’re at a casual lunch or a formal dinner.

Here are some great options available locally:

1. White Mango Jumpsuit

This is the perfect summer look from AK Galleria! Of course you’ll have to be extra careful not to spill anything on yourself and destroy the head-to-toe white look, but no one loves a clean and crisp look better than the girl of today.


2. Striped Splash Jumpsuit

What’s not to love about stripes? We would recommend you wear this jumpsuit which you can fine on AK Galleria on a casual day out with your friends paired with white sneakers – or even to the beach or farmhouse! Easy, breezy!


3. Black and White Pinstriped Mango Jumpsuit

This is an extremely versatile outfit, again from AK Galleria which we would personally wear in the day with sneakers or sandals, and dress it up with a pair of heels and earrings at night.


4. Denim Mantra Jumpsuit

The perfect way to get the Canadian-tuxedo look with ease is this jumpsuit from Mantra! And let’s face it, you can never go wrong with denim – or a jumpsuit. So put them together, and voila! It’s a recipe for success!


5. Sleeveless Black Mantra Jumpsuit

Black will always be a classic! Wear this jumpsuit to a birthday dinner to get together with a pair of statement heels – you’ll look chic and be comfortable too.


6. Navy Off-Shoulder Mantra Jumpsuit


Perfect for the summer nights when you want to make subtle statement by just baring your shoulders. Pair this jumpsuit with a pair of statement earrings and your hair pulled back.


7. Khaki Utility Mantra Jumpsuit


Love this jumpsuit for a day out with your girlfriends – or even a casual day at work! Pair it with a pair of black loafers and a red lip and you’re good to go!


8. Pink Floral Mango Jumpsuit

The ideal jumpsuit for a brunch or sundowner, we love the print, the cut out details on the back of the jumpsuit, and the fact that it’s got culottes length pants. Summer perfection!


Fun, versatile AND affordable! And the best bit? They’re all locally available too! Happy shopping!

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