Since last night there has been a storm brewing on the internet which has been a long time coming. It concerns Mohsin Abbas Haider a very well known actor and the lead in mega movies like Namaloom Afraad and Namaloom Afraad 2. Mohsin is also famous for hi

Since last night there has been a storm brewing on the internet which has been a long time coming. It concerns Mohsin Abbas Haider a very well known actor and the lead in mega movies like Namaloom Afraad and Namaloom Afraad 2. Mohsin is also famous for his song “Uddi ja” composed and sung by him in Coke studio and for a critically acclaimed role in the drama “Meri Gurya” in which he played the antagonist who is a child rapist and abuser.

It all started when his wife Fatima put the following on social media

She detailed further how Mohsin was cheating on her and that he beat her up when she was pregnant with pictures of her injuries. She has also filed an FIR against him on this matter. Obviously people on social are outraged in this matter and the declaration by fatima late in the night has filled everyone’s timelines early morning with persons who know him and his wife confirming stories of his abuse and controlling nature.


Diva Magazine has just uploaded Dua maliks statement as well which corroborates that this is not the first time.

Aside from people who know the couple personally the first major figure to make a statement in this regard from the industry has been none other then Mahira Khan who spoke up immediately on the issue of  abuse

The saddest part of the this whole issue and the outpouring of support for Fatima on the social front however is that there are only one or two people from the industry who have till now spoken up on this matter. Should not this be an automatic for us? Should we not at least  condemn the act of domestic violence and call for a proper investigation on this criminal act. In the west celebrities often even stop work on projects with alleged abusers be it someone as big as Kevin Spacey or as powerful as Harvey Weinstein but here in Pakistan it seems like we are still grappling with the fear of calling out a peer even though proof stares us in the eye.


Mohsin Sayeed  has spoken about this very problem in our industry in his following status

Professional boycott is the only solution

It seems in Pakistan men are having a collective sexual and identity breakdown. They are at their lowest point. We can see it in politics. And the breakdown is way too obvious in the social realm. They are reporting to power to maintain their identity. The worst part is women are supporting them
The alleged sexual harraser Ali Zafar winning LSA is a glaring example. This gross violation and injustice didn’t even cool down that another alleged sexual harasser Umar Khan aka Ukhano emerged on the scene. The chap seems to be soooo desperate and on heat that he sent his dick pictures and laughably called a pencil a cucumber.
And then another actor /singer Mohsin Abbas Haider’s case emerged. He allegedly beat up his pregnant wife when confronted about cheating, according his wife’s social media posts. Apparently, he didn’t stop at that. He further brutally manhandled her when she asked him to take responsibility of their child, as per her statement and bruised pictures doing the rounds on social media.
Men are scared that they are losing grip on women. They now can’t control women as women are becoming strong and demanding their right.
However, the worst part as I said are women themselves. Some cock sucking cunts support these dickish, stinky assholes and empower them to continue with their despicable behaviour either by giving them a clean chit, awards or continue working and socialising with them as if nothing happened.
In the latest cases of Ukhano and Mohsin Abbas Haider, too, this is happening. I have no expectations from entertainment industry. In this glamorous, glittering industry where minions, vermin are called celebrities, money calls the shots. These two will continue to get work. Female actors, singers, directors, producers will continue to work and hire them. No female will refuse to be a part of any project they are in. No Female channel owner banner them. It will be business as usual.

Where is Angeline Malik who started a movement last year? Atiqa OdhoArjumand RahimMaria WastiSaba Hamid Nadia Fazal JamilIffat Umarwhere are you all? Can’t you all get together and boycott Mohsin Abbas Haider and all those projects, channels, producers that hire? Specially, boycott Awards.
Same goes for blogger/Instagram met community in Ukhano’s case.


As we await something from the other side on this matter (we prefer not to post screenshots of a tweet allegedly now deleted) we wonder how long are these atrocities going to remain unchecked in Pakistan. What really irks is also the fact that there were people who knew about this  alleged incident and others like this in Mohsins past but refused to speak up about it or call him out on this. We believe not only should this matter be thoroughly investigated by the concerned authorities but our entertainment industry needs to really look for wolves amidst them and call them out before their audiences start doing the calling out by deserting products which include people with this kind of behavior involved in them.


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