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An artist by profession, Shiza Lakhani is also a beauty and skincare enthusiast. She has single-handedly created a delicious-smelling range of organic beauty products (we love her deo balms!)   Read our chat with Shiza to know all about it!  Tell us a lit

An artist by profession, Shiza Lakhani is also a beauty and skincare enthusiast. She has single-handedly created a delicious-smelling range of organic beauty products (we love her deo balms!)


Read our chat with Shiza to know all about it!

 Tell us a little about OG Organix, and about all your products?

OG Organix is a brand that brings you personal care and skincare products that are safe, non-toxic and highly effective. We believe in tangible results that you can see and feel, and that nature has the power to bring these results.
All our formulas are original, created by hand and tested by us, on real people but never on animals. All our products have an emphasis on organic, natural, high quality, and are food-grade ingredients.
Our products don’t include GMOs, toxins, fillers, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances or dyes.

What made you delve in the business of creating organic products?

Truly out of necessity! Six years ago, I had switched from using deodorants with synthetics, toxins, and irritants to natural and organic deodorants.

Every time I’d travel, I’d be bringing back an annual stock of deodorants for myself and my family. I’d have access to a plethora of organic/natural beauty brands while travelling.

Back home, however, there was not much to choose from – if any. There would be times I would run out, and would have to go without which was quite frustrating. I channeled my frustration with the beauty industry here into research and a passion for creating and formulating pure, potent, and consciously clean products that are good for you.

There was a need for a clean and conscious change and awareness in the beauty industry.

When did you start assembling a line of product for your brand? How did this come about, and what does it entail?

My mission was inherently personal. After two members of my family were diagnosed with cancer, a medical doctor opened my eyes to the importance of not just what I put into my body but also what I put on it.

I started to question all the beauty products I used daily. I have always been a skincare fiend. I realised I could use my epiphany to create a conscious change.
So while living in Sri Lanka 4 years ago, I got into Ayurveda. I would go for Ayurvedic therapy, which lead to an interest in natural, herbal and organic treatments. It transformed me internally and externally. I knew I could use my newfound knowledge and passion for natural and organic products to use and create a line that would bring awareness and naturally clean products to the local consumer.
After 3 years of research and development OG Organix finally came into being.

What ingredients do you use in the creation of your products that makes them organic?

Natural, organic products contain ingredients sourced from nature. The term organic refers to how an ingredient was farmed. It must be prepared and grown without pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertiliser, growth hormones, or antibiotics. For our product to be organic it has to be free of synthetic additives, chemical/synthetic fillers, pesticides, chemical fertilisers, and dyes.

We make sure our ingredients are sourced from organic farmers. Our organic coconut oil and organic arrowroot powder are both sourced from Sri Lanka. The aloe vera is derived from the plant grown in our own organic patch. The argon oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, almond oil, and grape seed oil are all sourced from 100% organic sources. And we use shea butter that is a non-GMO organic Shea butter.

How has the Pakistani market reacted to organic products? Is it easy for people to be convinced to make the switch?

Pakistan has a long way to go in terms of awareness on natural/organic products. Slowly and steadily we are getting there. People don’t believe natural products can be truly effective.
It also takes time for people to make the switch from the regular commercial products they are used to. What I do see is that they are making a change for the new generation, and are conscious about what their children are using and making that switch for their children, that has surely been a relief.

It has been hard to convince most people, but once they start the natural/organic regime, there is no looking back. They recognise high quality natural ingredients versus chemical laden ones when they use the products

What are the different products your line has?

The deo balm (which comes in 12 different scents), the Deo Spray (which comes in 2 different scent), the beauty elixir mist, the prime mist, the makeup melting balm, 2 eye treatments, the bye bye flakes scalp detox balm, the sleep lip mask.

 Your products are beautifully scented. Do you use organic scents as well?

Our products are all naturally scented. The skincare line is fragrance free, except for the natural essential oils in it. We do not use any synthetic scents or fragrances. The fragrances for the deo balm and deo spray are all natural organic essential oils that make the scent. We have scents such as peppermint candy cane and pumpkin spice latte that are both naturally scented with handmade special essential oil blends.

 How long does it take before a product is 100% ready to be sold in the market?

It varies from product to product. Every product must undergo a safety assessment prior to being made available for sale. Our safety assessments look at toxicological profiles, chemical structures, ingredient characteristics and the safe use of the products ingredients. We test the product for at least 6-8 weeks before deeming it ready for sale. We manufacture our products according to Good Manufacturing Practices.
We do not test on animals and we are a cruelty-free brand. Once we are satisfied with the outcome and the effectiveness of the product, only then is it considered ready for the market.

What product launches do you have in mind for the future? Tell us what’s next in store!

We are super excited about our micellar water which launches in October. The very first local micellar water! Next we have the shaving cream butter. We have a super Vitamin-C serum in the testing, and an acne line coming up soon. There are scrubs and hand and foot treatments in the works too!

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