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We sat down with the newest designer on the block, Zarlasht Adnan, shortly after she launched her brand, Zarih Official! We know what you’re thinking – another designer? But what you don’t realise is, everyone brings their own special something to the table and Zarlasht is definitely a breath of fresh air!
Tell us a little about Zarih Official, the brand.
 Zarih is a pret wear clothing line inspired by our rich history and the art of timeless craft. We create intricately designed pieces that are bold in their poised simplicity and are bound to leave an everlasting impression.
Why the name Zarih?
The name Zarih is derived from Zari which comprises of traditional gold or silver thread embroidery. It was originated during the Mughal Era and hence represents the importance of cultural heritage and traditional work within the clothing industry.
What is your design philosophy?
 Zarih’s design philosophy is traditional, minimalistic yet chic.
Where do you find inspiration?
I draw inspiration from various industries like fashion, art, architecture, interior and so on. They allow me to explore options in terms of colour palettes and design elements. Travelling has also played an important role in generating new ideas and turning them into creative designs.
If you could create pieces for one famous person who would it be and why?
 The clothes at Zarih embody grace and tradition. Ever since I was young I have admired Madhuri, who has been an epitome of grace and beauty. I would love to create traditional and intricate pieces for her which she would undoubtedly carry with utmost elegance.
How do you manage designing,while being a pilates instructor?
Designing is my passion whereas pilates is an integral part of my lifestyle. I love to stay fit and healthy, which in turn enables me to successfully manage my long working hours.
Tell us about your new collection?
 Zarih’s winter collection has a wider range of semi formals in bolder colours. The emphasis will be put on heavier detailing and traditional embroidery on luxurious fabrics that can be worn at special occasions.
In a competitive market of clothing, what was your experience?
I am overwhelmed by the response  Zarih has received in a short amount of time and while there are numerous amazing designers in the market, Zarih is catering to people who understand the importance of quality and intricate detailing. Our top priority is to get the best fabric and detail it with perfection.
What advice would you give those entering the same business?
Stay focused and passionate about what you have started and keep learning and finding inspiration from everything around you.
What should we expect next from you?
We want to focus on restoring cultural heritage in terms of design and crafts within Pakistan and work towards creating a sustainable business model by using eco-friendly resources.

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