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Looking for affordable yet luxurious sleepwear sets in Pakistan? Look no further because we discovered Mink!

Stylish cuts with gorgeous fabrics only mean that you will be sleeping soundly while feeling like a queen. That’s how amazing the quality is!

Mink was founded by Mashal Bawany earlier this year. We sat down with her to find out more about her pajamas and to see what exciting plans she has this year for the brand. With winter right around the corner, make sure to get your orders in ASAP so you have cosy pajamas to lounge in! You can find her page on Instagram under @Mink.Lounge

 When did you start your brand?
I started Mink earlier this year. I had just moved back to Karachi and had very different plans for work, but when I had the idea for Mink, I decided to try something new and just ran with it. I’ve always enjoyed being creative, so it was a far better fit for me than I ever thought it would be, and I am loving every second.

We see a lot of designers going for wedding wear or pret, but you have primarily focused on luxurious sleepwear. What inspired you to launch MINK?
Making clothes was never something I saw myself doing, even though I grew up around it because it was my mum’s job. After returning from university I decided to work with her temporarily and came up with the idea while brainstorming ideas for her brand. Mink was inspired by the desire to create products I seek for myself. I believe in comfort first, and that you don’t have to compromise on it to look your best. I want to provide my customers with comfort wear that looks as great and luxurious as it feels, at an affordable price. Mink reflects of all this.

Can you tell us about the material and the cuts you use for pajamas?
I am extremely selective about the materials we use! For our sleepwear line, we use the highest quality cotton and satins. Each design is uniquely cut to flatter the body and be comfortable at the same time. A lot of effort and attention goes towards making sure the quality and finish of the product is to
international standards. It is our cuts, detailing, and quality that set Mink apart.

What would be the next steps for your brand?
I have so much I want to do with Mink. We are working on developing more clothing outside of sleepwear and putting out other comfortable products for different occasions, like expanding our loungewear range and making more menswear and custom sets. Expanding my team is another one – I
tend to micromanage everything and do a lot of the jobs myself, including the photography and editing.

Do you take any customized orders for example specific colors/cuts or even ‘His & Her’ pajamas?
Yes, we do! All the above.

What is your ideal sleepwear set?
That’s a tough one! In the summer my ideal is a pastel set in a light cotton with shorts rather than full length pants. In colder months I prefer a more luxurious, cozy fabric like satin to cuddle up in on cold nights.

Recently, a client was spotted wearing one of your pieces as a formal evening blouse! Can you tell us a little on how your pieces are versatile?
Some of our pieces are designed that way. They look a lot like regular clothes, with all the comfort of sleepwear. They look great paired with more formal clothes or thrown over a pair of jeans and can really be worn however you want.

Apart from sleepwear, does MINK offer any other types of clothing?
Mink offers a range of different types of comfort wear. Although we have started with a focus on sleepwear for women, we also do loungewear, casual pieces, matching sets and take custom orders on sleepwear for brides, couples and men.

When is your next exhibition and what should we be expecting to see?
We have several upcoming exhibitions and pop-up shops scheduled for the next few months, the details of which will be released on our page soon. I don’t want to give away too much, but you will be seeing us venture outside sleepwear for one thing. I am so excited for Mink’s first winter!

We usually see brides having to go abroad to buy luxurious pajamas. Will we see you offering a bridal range in the future?
Absolutely. We take bridal clients by appointment already, and I am looking forward to taking on more! Unlike buying from abroad, here we can offer a more personalized experience and create custom, tailored pieces for each client. It is one of my favorite parts of the job, because it is so rewarding to be
able to add something special to such an important occasion.

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