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In recent claims, Ali Zafar has spoken out, yet again. This he said, “Ms. Meesha Shafi privately sent sorry messages, but I refused to accept until a public apology was issued”, said the singer in an interview to a news website this week.

He also revealed the details of his compliant to the FIA Cyber Crime Wing against Ms. Shafi and others for a smear campaign against him on social media. “In this digital age, people must be aware of their rights; and it’s a birthright of every human to protect his/her honor, and nobody could snatch away this right for personal gains,” Ali Zafar said. “So if someone attacks you on social media, always fight back because nobody is above the law. You can always go to the FIA‟s Cyber Crime Wing and file defamation suit for damages due to these allegations. Because, it can’t be that someone defames you with false accusations and you say, well, ok, thank you. The other must pay the damages done to you,” he added. He said that thousands and thousands of tweets were made against him from various accounts to launch a smear campaign against him. Here is the link to the complete interview

The singer said that he refused to accept backdoor apology but might consider a public apology, but she needed to apologize to him on the same platform where false allegations were posted. “I gave Ms. Meesha a choice; whether she tells the people herself that she had lied or I would prove it in the court with evidence,” said Ali Zafar.

Earlier, Ali Zafar had given a five-day long testimony in the court submitting proof and evidence of a well-designed ‘conspiracy’ against him by ‘close-related’ women. He gave evidence how these women including Ms. Shafi were connected to one person Ms. Nighat Dad, an activist and the lawyer of Ms. Shafi. As many as 13 other eye-witnesses including Ms. Shafi‟s friend and her manager also had refuted the claims of harassment in their testimony in the court.

Ali Zafar said that he would only accept a public apology and she would have to pay damages as no one was above the law.

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