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Ever wondered where certain words came to be? How they came to be? WHY they came to be? Well, we have sorted some ...

Ever wondered where certain words came to be? How they came to be? WHY they came to be?

Well, we have sorted some of these questions out for you!

1927: It Girl

Meaning: Someone you can’t get enough of and is THE person you want to see everywhere, representing brands etc. This term originated in the 20s with the girl Clara Bow

1929: It Boy

Right after the It Girl, of course this was going to follow!

Jacopo Raule/GC Images)
Jacopo Raule/GC Images)

1931: Snazzy

Meaning: An elegant, stylish person who were also heartbreakers from earlier decades.

1940: Baby Blues

Meaning: Postpartum depression made to sound cuter than it actually is.

1941: Dream Boat

Meaning: Borrowed from Hollywood, this describes an incredibly handsome man.

1943: Duh

Meaning: Like obviously!

1947: Artsy

Meaning: An eccentric approach to style a la Edith Head

1951: Nerd

Meaning: Another version of dork or someone exceedingly smart

1953: Hippie

Though this defined the later half of the 60s, it was originally formed as a term in the 50s. Meaning: Someone who is free spirited, takes hallucinogens/drugs and dresses ‘exotically’

1955: Cool

Meaning: Someone or something totally new, hip and to look up to. It wasn’t really originated in the 50s but was rounded up by a magazine as one of the words of the year and used to describe James Dean (who famously died that year in a fatal motorbike crash)

1956: Nitpick

Meaning: Someone who micromanages and just can’t let things go

1961: Bratty

Meaning: Spoilt entitled people, mostly children.

1962: Drop Dead!

Meaning: Telling someone to simply go die or describing a gorgeous woman that is so beautiful you would die from her beauty!

1964: Aw shucks!

Meaning: Someone who is feigning innocence but now shortened to ‘aww’ and is generally a term used as an endearment.

1970: Dorky

Meaning: Alternative for ‘nerd’ – we use this more now than we ever did!

1972: Guilt Trip

Meaning: To make someone feel bad without really saying YOU are affected by it.

1975: Detox

This had two meanings. One, for the increasing need to help with alcohol and drug addiction, and secing, the juice fad that propped up followed with this term too.

1977: Brewski

Meaning: Beer! We still don’t know what prompted this to become this word, though!

1978: Pig out!

Meaning: To eat as much as you desire,literally! The Washington Post in this year had actually recommended pigging out once in a while despite claiming moderate eating is what the routine should be.

1980: Frizzy

A reference to hair that doesn’t cooperate and looks and feels like… haywire!

1981: Chill Pill

It’s what you tell your parents or someone who is LOSING it when they need to relax. It may result in a further blow up but hey! Take a chill pill!

1982: Buff

Used to describe a well kept man’s physique which in those days was Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nowadays people use it to describe someone who is extremely good looking.

1984: Major

Meaning: An enthusiastic way to say… “Omg that’s… Huge! Amazing!” – This came from the movie, 16 Candles

1986: Stud Muffin

Meaning: Someone really, really, ridiculously good looking!

1988: The F bomb

Meaning: The F word everyone knows, and shouldn’t be said! Shhhh…

1990: Kewl

Meaning: cool – just cooler to write it this way. Later on the number 3 took place of the letter ‘e’e to emphasize the coolness factor!

1991: Tighty Whiteys

Let’s be serious, you can’t NOT know this one! This ‘brief’ fashion trend for models, sears and Tom Cruise trend has lasted a lifetime of a name!

1993: Da Bomb

Meaning: Amazing! The best! – Apparently Kriss Kross came up with this but we still don’t really know!

1995: As If!

First heard in ‘Clueless’ by Cher Horowitz – we still use it even now! Meaning: Yeah, right!

1996: Whatever!

Okay this came around much before, but was heightened in this year! Meaning: dismissing the topic of discussion

1998: How You Doin’?

A phrase made famous by Joey in the popular sitcom ‘Friends.’ Meaning: A cheeky way of addressing a woman via a greeting

1999: Bling

Meaning: used to describe a plethora of jewels used and worn by someone

2000: Whassup/Sup

Overused since the early 2000’s it has seeped into the almost new decade! Meaning: Hi! What is up (literally, yes)

2003: Peeps

Meaning: a reference used for your close friends who would do anything with and for you.

2005: Fo Sheezy/ Fo Shizzle

Meaning: For sure – given by the man, Snoop Doggy Dog himself!

2006: Sick

This is the updated version of ‘cool!’ Meaning: amazing!

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