Back when wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit became a status symbol, and regardless of Pakistan’s sweltering summer.

The early 2000s were a simpler time— we were jamming to “What Dreams Are Made Of” from Lizzie McGuire the movie and binge-watching feel-good shows like Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill.

But fashion trends from the early 2000s were never simple! From candy-coloured glasses and vibrant tie-dye to strange denim on denim and not-so-flattering tube tops, 2000s fashion was a mix of fun and awkward. 2020 saw a major resurfacing of early 2000s trends that we both loved and cringed at.

Everyone remembers when velour tracksuits were all the range. In the early 2000s, wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit became a status symbol, and regardless of Pakistan’s sweltering summers, you’d see women out and about showing off their Paris Hilton inspired velour looks. We never thought wearing Velour would be stylish again, but just last year Kourtney Kardashian was seen dressed in a black velvet hoodie and sweat pants. High-end stores like DKNY, Burberry, and OffWhite have all created their own renditions of the iconic Juicy tracksuit.

Another staple 2000s look we never thought would return— low waisted jeans. Over the past ten years, everyone had fallen in love with the flattering fit of high-waisted pants. With Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner rocking low-waisted flared pants maybe we should all give them a second chance? Britney Spears was the queen of early 2000s looks, and her halter and tube-top days will never be forgotten. It looks like Boohoo, Asos, Forever 21, and H&M have taken a page straight from Britney’s book with their new lines: halter tops with lace-up detailing and sequence tube tops are being seen all over Instagram.

Nothing screams throwback fashion like bucket hats, colourful scrunchies, and tiny baguette purses. While certain clothing from the early 2000s can seem a little gaudy and risky, the accessories are very fun and can make a plain outfit look instantly fashionable.

To get your dose of Y2K styles- halters, scrunches, small purses, and bucket hats- we recommend you check out local brands like Kalm Official, Tinsels by Azka, and Frenzydotshop on Instagram!

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