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Keep it Simple Silly!

Change is not an overnight thing, the smaller the steps the more achievable the goals.. So.. We at Edition have put down a list of ways to achieve resolutions and pre-set goals for 2020 but also included some of our own just for that morning spark and evening reflection.

New year, new me. Or should we be saying new decade, new me? 2020 is half a month in, and it's time to start approaching our health and wellness in a new way – simply and effectively. Whether you're ready to explore a non working lifestyle and be a nomad, try out a new workout class, or finally put down the JUUL, there's always room for improvement in our lives.

We have a simple hack that's virtually guaranteed to make you feel happier, healthier, and feel better all day long: Do something good for yourself every a.m. – YES, you guessed right - Morning Ritual-ing time! Remember that morning rituals set the tone for the rest of your day. So, if you take one positive or productive action first thing, your whole day will feel more positive and productive in turn.

Now, the word ritual can call to mind some elaborate ceremony. But the changes we're talking about making to your mornings could be small or large, anything from pledging to wake up the first time your alarm goes off (no more hitting the snooze button endlessly and scrambling to work), to choosing to cook yourself a healthy, warm breakfast every day (overnight oats – an easy hack to prepare the night before!)

Here are 10 morning rituals that you should consider committing to in the new decade and hopefully have it stick with you for all times to come!

1. Start meditating – that could be sitting in silence listening to guided meditations, nature music or even prayer (meditation can take any form of me – time) "Consider setting your alarm just 10 to 15 minutes earlier and meditate," says Erin Stokes, a naturopathic doctor and the Medical Director of MegaFood . Meditation has been shown to decrease stress, improve concentration and generate an overall sense of well-being. If you're not sure where to start, we recommend downloading a free meditation app, like Insight Timer. Remember: There are literally dozens of ways to meditate, so you can't do it wrong — and you'll likely find a method that resonates with you.  Also - if it doesn't work for you - fret not. Meditation isn't for everyone, but give it a shot anyway!

2. Eat a healthy breakfast - You'll be shocked at how good you start to feel when you actually fuel your body in the morning. A study conducted by researchers at Cardiff University found that eating a balanced breakfast each morning directly correlated with students' academic success. Don't you want some of that same brain power for your day? Incorporate recipes like gluten-free banana muffins and avocado and egg sandwiches, or whatever sounds good and nourishing.


  1. Take a B12 supplement (if you need it) – does wonders! If you avoid meat and animal products, there’s a good chance your vitamin B12 levels are low. After all, the only foods that contain the vitamin are meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal based foods. B12 is essential; the human body needs it to make red blood cells, nerves, and DNA, according to Harvard Medical School. Low B12 levels can cause anemia, weakness, and fatigue. Before taking any supplement you should always talk to a doctor and likely get an exam or a blood test. But if you are lacking the nutrient, supplements can help boost your levels. The good news? B12 can seriously increase your energy. Take advantage of that boost by taking the supplement in the morning. Another reason to make this an early-morning habit: Some research indicates that B12 may actually lower melatonin in your body, which would make it much harder to fall sleep if taken at night.

4. Start stretching & get moving! - Take a cue from your cat. There are a number of benefits to a solid morning stretch. It improves your posture, enhances circulation, and can help you release mental stress. And who isn't craving a good, deep stretch session after seven or eight hours of sleep? You can google the Surya Namaskar (also known as Sun Salutations). Over time, if you keep up with this morning habit, you'll increase your range of motion, which can lower your risk of injury and correct muscular imbalances. If you're not into low key stretches but not into hard core workouts either, just get up and get moving — whether it's a walk around the block or a few jumping jacks when you wake up, getting your body in motion is energizing, could improve decision making throughout the day, and may even help control your blood pressure.

5. Drink some water - This should go without saying, but water is extremely important. That's true all day, not just in the morning. But it's especially important in the morning, when you're probably dehydrated after a long nights' asleep. So get into the habit of drinking at least one cup of water within the first half hour you're awake to jumpstart your day!

6. Repeat words of affirmation - Telling yourself how awesome you are should be an important part of anyone's day, to be honest. Look in the mirror and repeat things like, I am worthy, I am smart, I am hard-working — basically anything you know you need to hear each day. Studies show that self-affirmation can actually boost your problem-solving abilities. An emerging set of published studies suggest that a brief self-affirmation activity at the beginning of a school term can boost academic grade-point averages in underperforming kids at the end of the semester! Set aside a couple of minutes in the morning to dedicate to telling yourself all the great things about yourself — you might not think so, but it's stuff you need to hear.

With these rituals – you’ll be sure to start your morning right, your day right, your week right, your month right and eventually forever! But remember, keep it simple silly!

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