Activist Tahira Abdullah made our drab Monday better by shutting down writer Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar in regards to feminism.

The writer has formerly passed comments such as "If women want equality, they should rape men" and several others that leave one shocked - and not in a good way.

She says, "Feminism is not the name of an organisation but a revolutionary view; it's understanding and believing that women, too, are human beings. You want to talk about equality, rights, who's a good woman or a bad woman, who's a loyal woman, who's worthy of respect but my respect and my dignity is not in the hands of any man to give or take. I am born from the same woman a man is born from and when I come into this world, I bring my rights with me, just like I'm born with a body, soul, brain and heart, they are a part of my existence."

Watch her school him politely below:

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