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It's no secret that Shamaeel is a pioneer of luxury couture in Pakistan.

Her last collection at the end of 2019, Symposium of Queens and was acclaimed in both Pakistan & a prestigious show in a London high end club.

The latest we have on her, is that two very exciting collections are being launched later on in March this year! A luxury wear collection called Regal Safavid and the second being a ready to wear pret collection which is actually being reintroduced due to high customer demands!

We spoke to Shamaeel, and here's what she had to say:

What does luxury wear mean to you and how would you distinguish that from formals?

A defined cultural blend of strength and art. The Shamaeel luxury collection is always also the 'regal court of fashion' - an opulent elegant look, inspired from heritage ..worn internationally yet retaining its individual legacy.

If you had to create a piece for someone, who would it be and why?

The Shamaeel collection is an open collection - all women store their own aspects of strength. My brand welcomes all women to feel, look and be the iconic woman!

Was Symposium of Queens your most beloved collection to date?

The Symposium of Queens was a heartfelt collection - one such collection, if worn generated an aura of beauty, confidence and individuality. 65 pieces - each a different piece, with an eye for detail, a melange of vibrancy. The theme inspired from reflection of strength of women to stand out to co create a status of power. Truly a learning from the past . My solo shows are not just about a ramp feel - its a detail in every aspect. A point of difference and lending out a hand of knowledge and learning.

What should we expect from the new pret collection?

We are soon to open our pret collection and want to retain the element of surprise!

Tell us a little about Regal Safavid

Safavids collection is a sartorial ode reflecting a feast of color, figural, floral seamless repeats. Of vintage recreation.. The fashion court. The Safavids initiated the golden age of Persia. The collection is inspired from the paintings from The Shahnama of tahmasp.

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