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If you've been busy but don't want to lose your reputation of being a good gifter, we have some ideas for you.

The festive season is just so wonderful, there are gifts to be bought and received. But it's also a busy time of the year. There are weddings, crazy work hours and just about anything you can think of all happening at the same time.

So, here at Edition, we picked some local businesses in Karachi to help you make gifting so much easier, whether it's for Christmas or a colleague's farewell or even a wedding gift.

Cupcakes from Pane & Amore

Yes! The original cupcake company is back and serving. They closed up shop a few years ago, but they have recently started making those fluffy little cakes that were just the best in the city. And we can report with authority that they are still great! A box of four costs Rs 1000 and makes a great gift when visiting people or sending out as thank yous.

Macarons and Bread Baskets by PAUL

Nothing like a bit of French pizzaz to add class to your gifts. Their macarons are to die for, and if you're thinking of doing a bulk order, they're offering a discount too. You can also ask them to make a custom bread basket or bread box for you. Or you can get creative and purchase their bread to make treat boxes of your own with some butter, cheese and olives.

Vegetable Chips by Mamajune

Mamajune has chips made out of every vegetable you used to hate as a kid. But they've taken those and elevated them to these delectable, healthier alternatives that actually taste better than junk! And they look so great too, The packaging is classy and the chips themselves look great laid out on your snack table. Priced in the Rs 300 range, they're a bargain!

Christmas Candy by Amchem Goa

And if you want to keep on the theme of the season, then Amchem Goa makes the most delicious, nostalgic Goan-style Christmas candies you can think of. They also do savouries, so check out their complete range at their outlet in Saddar.

Brownies by Another Serving

Another gem we discovered at The Karachi Christmas Market. The young baker behind Another Serving , Sheroy was serving just the most well-balanced brownies we've ever had. They're not fancy looking and the packing is pretty basic but they are well priced so you could jazz them up yourself on a budget.

![ ](https://www.instagram.com/p/ClOKYOeDGWS/

Moving on to non-edible treats now. But we promise to keep the list affordable!

The cute coaties by Baani

We never really wanted to believe that the little coatie was back in fashion until we saw the ones at Baani. They are actually super cute and priced really well. They are such a great way to jazz up those trending sold co-ord sets. We bought one that was for just Rs 1500. Besides coaties, they have lots of other ready-to-wear clothes too.

Glass magnets and stickers by Mahnoor's Mirror Magic

This artist is doing things with glass and mirrors that we thought were impossible! Inspired by the glass paintings of Iran, she recreates her inspiration into hand-painted glass accessories that make lovely gifts. She will even customise them for you if you ask nicely.

Ethnic Jewelry from Sanvarna

There are just so many ethnic jewelry stores on Instagram but this one really stands out in terms of the designs they carry. They source their pieces from all over the country and the prices are pretty reasonable too.

Eco friendly bags by Flaire

We're sticklers for cute totes and carry-alls, and our recent find Flaire does them so well in the jute material. We tried navigating their website but there's nowhere to see the actual products. We met them at The Karachi Christmas Market and bought a cute laptop bag from them.

What will you be gifting this season? Let us know in the comments! Happy Holidays!

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