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With hundreds and thousands of children out of school in the wake of Covid-19, parents are increasingly appreciating..

With hundreds and thousands of children out of school in the wake of Covid-19, parents are increasingly appreciating teachers a lot more, despite the hourly e-schooling from home.

Children of all ages are a handful and in light of that, we have a few things that you could do with and for them until formal education resumes.


Children are curious creatures and nothing is better than a story telling session with them - better yet, let them be the storytellers just to see how wild their imagination is. We often don't notice how unmatched their intelligence is and this would probably serve for mayyyyybe a future children's book, too!

Screen time

Yes, yes, we know limited screen time is something we have for all our kids and we are here for it. Have specific hours set for day time and night time so there is a point in the day when children can also let their hair down and watch their favourite cartoons or academic shows they can learn from. Or you can have a movie marathon and dedicate on day of the week just for this! How fun!


There is so much you can do with art form - from playdough to painting to macaroni building. In fact why not plaster a whole wall in their room with canvas or paper so they can paint directly on to it?! In fact you could even look up techniques and try them out!

Craft in the form of building

From building dollhouses, to using lego to make a transformer or a house, or even magna tiles! Even as an adult those fascinate me! You can even have contests of who builds the tallest or coolest one! With crafts, you can also add in work books which are craft based like sandpaper art or even candle making (under supervision of course!) - All these things are available locally at delawala.

Play time

Growing up, my siblings and I had a playroom which was dedicated to all our play time - and cleaning it up was inclusive of that. Now not everyone has a playroom, but just a nook and corner for the toys can be a dedicated area for play time where kids can live in their own imaginary world of fun and frolic!

If all else fails - there's the air mattress trampoline idea which is fun for all ages, too!

Electronic games

Social distancing isn't just for those outside our houses - practise some of it at home and instead of human to human contact for games, why not play some e-games? There are so many online and this could also possibly count as some screen time!


Sure this can get messy and even tiresome with children but no one's saying to do it every day. From snacks in the shape of animals to general banana bread or strawberry tarts and mini cupcakes is a fun activity with benefits in the end - you get to eat it all! Yum!

Nap time

This is always a good thing to schedule for children. They tire faster than us and no matter how much of a battle it is with them, this is one of the most important forms of down time.

In fact here are a few empty colouring pages for you to print out and use courtesy the Museum of Vincent Van Gogh put online. Print them and enjoy!

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