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Talal Rehman is not a name that's unheard - within and outside of the industry - a well renowned choreographer, he...

Talal Rehman is not a name that's unheard - within and outside of the industry - a well renowned choreographer, he is sought after by most individuals for their mehndis and it's pretty rare to see him without a back to back schedule.

What's even more impressive is, he's an Art Director! Did you know this? No? Well, now you do! We spoke to him about his emergence in the field of fashion, how long it's been and the correlation of both sets of jobs, and what's more, his work element is fantastic!

You've been known a very sought after choreographer in Karachi - did the transition into Art Direction have a link to Choreography?

If you talk about creativity, yes from my point of view, I think it does. They have similarities such as moves and steps in choreography, and posing and actions in art direction.

What inspired you become an Art Director Director specifically?

Looking at professional models on social media really inspired me to become an Art Director. I was drawn to the images and thought of joining the club and give models I wanted to work with more furious and challenging poses - and hope to be an inspiration for others, like I was, just by looking.

Which of your past works is highly sensitive but sends a message the world should be aware of through the lens of fashion?

An experimental photoshoot I did with the Actress Yashma Gill which had a very deep dark message of how rape cases were growing in some parts of the country - and at some point there was no action to curb it. Being a civilian, I thought of showing my concern through this photoshoot and to voice putting a stop to it. The image portrays a helpless and I hope this picture gives people motivation of being strong enough to not sit back and relax but stand up for the victims instead.

If you could work with one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Hedi Slimane. He has been creative, artistic and an image director of fashion from 2000. He was the first young photographer of his age to set the benchmark in art direction for major fashion holders of that time.

Your work is very thematic - what prompted this idea?

I always follow one fine path but with different ideas - it's fun and exclusive. Ideas for my work need freedom but a fashion element, and that's how I generate an idea that can relate to real life or translating a message to viewers.

Why mens fashion only? Do you think your work has so far gotten a response of change?

It's not that I don't wish to work with women - my aim is to focus on Men's fashion more, because its charismatic in ways that people haven't witnessed yet. It has room to be bigger in the industry. I believe fashion is incomplete without a female model, and when I curate my art direction, men and women are given the same light.

Out of your current work, what has been your favourite?

My photoshoot called Society we live in, It was defining the modeling line with fashion in it, where apart from the subject model the rest models are still posing behind conversing what really is happening in the society as well as it had emotions of giving hope to people who think they are done with everything in their life.

Waiting In Room Number 27 and Sports Fever are two very different thoughts - how do you manage to come up with diverse ideas and keep the looks so different?

I work on themes and observe other possible ways to turn ideas into fashion and modeling. I don't have a boundary when it comes to modeling unless it's too bold visually. My main aspects of diverse ideas is about characters or small moments that can be captured in a highly fashionable way.

Sports Fever aims at showing that sports shouldn't be only for playground related - it should be diverse. The athleticism of each sportsman is inspiring in its own way, such as A gymnast, an armed combatier and an athlete and that they too can raise the bar in fashion.

Waiting in Room No.27 shows four beautiful individuals who are making their way to a night club and have suddenly been asked to wait in Room No.27 due to lack of space. In their wait, we see fashionable posing.

What should we expect next?

Tons of inspiring, high fashion modeling and shoots with more edge! This includes videos too!

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